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 Feb 21-29th, 2000 Daily Reports

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Daily News: 2/29/2000 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000 has Started: Japanese Expeditions Japanese Expeditions Japanese Expeditions

News from our good friend and famous Everest Climber:

Kiyoshi Furuno, 1995 Northeast Ridge Expedition: Summit

Four Everest Expeditions on this Spring as follows:

1.) Qomolangma 2000 JEN Expedition

North Ridge Spring 2000 Leader Hiroshi Yashima 50 years old

2.) Hosei University Qomolangma Expedition 2000

North Ridge Spring 2000: Leader Toshio Nakamura 60 years old

3.) Hokkaido Everest Expedition 2000

North Ridge Spring 2000 Leader Koichi Ezaki 48 years old

4.) Ken Noguchi Everest Expedition 2000

South East Ridge Spring 2000 Leader Ken Noguchi 25 years old

Best Regards,

Kiyoshi Furuno

  • Alan Hinkes is coming to climb Kangchenjunga this Year. Source: Bikrum Pandey
  • What comes after Everest ? K2, of course. It looks as if we will have numerous Expeditions on K2 this year from around the world attempting as many as three routes.


Daily News: 2/28/2000 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000 has Started: Should we call it Canadian Day ! Canadian Day ! Canadian Day !

Last Spring EverestNews.com covered Bernard Voyer as he became the Second Quebecer to Summit Everest. Bernard Voyer took the low profile approach to Everest and did it. This year two other expeditions from Quebec will try to follow him.

Gabriel Filippi who has hired Babu Chhiri Sherpa to assist him will attempt Everest from the South Side. Four French Canadian Climbers have formed an expedition who will attempt Everest from the North.

News from the French Canadians: As reported on EverestNews.com last week, they have left Canada and have arrived in Nepal (the first team to do so).

Check them out for some nice pictures :http://www.everestmillenium.qc.ca/jdb.asp. They have meet with Ms. Hawley and will be departing for Tibet in a few days.

  • Byron is Back ! http://cbc.ca/everest2000/ Check out his web site for a live chat today. Also he has added many nice features.
  • EverestNews.com has learned four Mexican climbers has a team this Year. Still working on details, but it will be a South Side Expedition.
  • A Team from Ireland is expected to be the first to arrive on the South Side in the next couple of weeks.
  • EverestNews.com expects more expeditions this year than ever, passing last year record number.


Daily News: 2/25-26/2000 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000:

Juanito Oiarzabal, the only Spanish climber who has climbed the fourteen 8000 meter peaks, seems to be fine after being unable to complete the ascent to Aconcagua by the Polish glacier route due to injury. Look for Juanito Oiarzabal to be on Everest with his very experienced team, in search of Irvine and the camera.

  • Lhotse 2000 expedition: Expedition "Lhotse ‘2000 – Spring".  A group of Bulgarian climbers including Doichin Vassilev, Gadi Romem and Zaprijan Horozov will attempt Lhotse this Spring. They are regular members of the Bulgarian Alpine Club and have participated in many Himalaya expeditions.
  • Recall that  everestbu.htm is used to post updates if the EverestNews server is down. We will soon add link on the K2 Page.
  • Insider News has started. We hope it will take a huge step from 1999. Have You JOINED YET ?? Join EverestNews.com Insider News today .

Daily News: 2/24/2000 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000:

EverestNews.com will be working with (http://www.everest.home.nl) Frits Vrijlandt and Steven Le Poole, as they attempt to climb Everest via the North ridge. When they succeed, they will be the first Dutchmen to do so. Joke Groenendaal who will climb, but does not plan to attempt the Summit, will keep you updated.

News: Camping in a cooling cell. Personal report from Steven about the overnight staying in a cooling cell in Amsterdam at -21 degrees Celsius. Click here to read Steven's story. 

Check them out http://www.everest.home.nl !

  • EverestNews.com currently has around 20 Expeditions who has agreed to join our team in Spring 2000 to provide You with the News. In addition EverestNews.com will use our usual sources from around the world including Nepal and Tibet. If You have not joined, join today: everestnews2004@adelphia.net.
  • Out of the 6 Spanish Expeditions in Spring 2000: 4 will attempt the North Side. At least two of these now plan to follow Mallory's path.
  • Insider News has started. We hope it will take a huge step from 1999. Have You JOINED YET ?? Join EverestNews.com Insider News today .


Daily News: 2/23/2000 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000:

Everest Millιnium www.everestmillenium.qc.ca

Four French Canadian Climbers take on Everest via the Tibet Side without the use of Sherpas or oxygen.

Sounds like some climbers are critical of these climbers taking on Everest without the use of oxygen and Sherpa climbers.

EverestNews.com reports on ALL Everest climbers.

EverestNews.com cannot take sides, nor should we.

The climbers resumes are here in French (provided by the climbers).

Our French is very bad, therefore we did not attempt to translate.

The climbers are leaving today for Katmandu for an early start !

Everest 2000 is starting !

Daily News: 2/22/2000 Report

  • Guiness Book of World Records:

The Guiness Book of World Records in its 2000 issue has included  five Nepalis for their Everest records.

Tenzing Norgay Sherpa who first reached the Summit of Everest on May 29, 1953, with Sir Edmund Hillary.

Sambhu Tamang, (non-Sherpa) youngest climber to reach the summit. Tamang made another successful Summit of Everest in 1985.

Ang Rita Sherpa, the first person with 10 summits of Everest. Ang Rita is  retired.

Appa Sherpa: last year summited for the 10th time. He is expected to Summit for the 11th this year. (read his Q&A !)

Babu Chhiri Sherpa who made history by sleeping on summit for 21 hours. He now has nine Summits including climbing the peak twice in the same season.

Kazi Sherpa who in 1998 claimed the speed ascent by the South in 20 hours and 24 minutes breaking a record set by a veteran French mountaineer. This is still disputed by some.

Both Appa and Babu will back in Spring Everest 2000.

  • At least 6 Spanish Everest Expeditions are now expected for Spring 2000. At least two expeditions are talking openly about the "The Hunt for Irvine and the camera (s)". (See 2/21 News).

Daily News: 2/21/2000 Report

  • Mallory & Irvine 2000 Questions:

Mallory & Irvine 2000 Questions: Questions from the Staff at EverestNews.com (our turn):

Many of the behind the scenes questions.

For Example: Let's suppose the camera is found. Does it not belong to the family ? And is the film not copyrighted ?? Can anyone publish it ?

Maybe we can go in-depth on these Questions and others.

Part 1:

EverestNews.com asked Graham Hoyland:

Q.) Let's suppose the camera is found. Who does it belong to  ?

A.) [Graham Hoyland]  There may be two cameras. One is the one given to Mallory by my great-uncle Somervell, and this obviously belongs to his heirs David or Jim Somervell. I hope anyone who finds it will respect this ownership. The second possibility is a small cine-camera (and Sandy loved gadgets) that Sandy mentions in his diary. I believe this was lent by Captain Noel, in which case Sandra Noel owns it. 

Q.) Is the film copyrighted ??

A.) [Graham Hoyland] Copyright law in notoriously complicated, and early twenties Tibetan copyright law particularly so. I believe there are competing claims from at least four parties involved in the original British Expedition. You can bet the lawyers would be crawling all over this one.   

Q.) Can anyone else publish the pictures ?

A.) [Graham Hoyland]  Anyone might publish, but I don't envy them the court cases.

Q.) If someone were wander off the normal route to the summit of Everest this year and accidentally to find the camera this year how should it be preserved as to not ruin the film ??

A.) [Graham Hoyland]  Kodak's advice was to keep it freezing cold and dry in a sealed dark bag preserved from humidity. And don't send it to BonusPrint, because if you do the picture will come back with one of those stickers on it "Over Exposed/Poor Focus/Try Again" 

Q.) Have you been contacted by Irvine Family. Do you know their wishes?

A.) [Graham Hoyland]  I've been in touch with them from well before the expedition last year- you may remember that it was Irvine we all expected to find. I've had another recent meeting with the representatives, and I now have a letter from John Irvine detailing their wishes. These I will communicate to the search parties at Base Camp. 

Q.) Any More ?? [Graham Hoyland]   Yes, How to preserve any artifacts. Can I ask anybody out there for advice on how to do this  so that we can hand out details at BC?

For all the Mallory & Irvine Q&A:

The Mountaineering Must Haves


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