Jean-Christophe Lafaille: Annapurna 2002

Dispatches in English and French Below

Update 5/15/2002: A little news

East Ridge
Our Finnish sources are reporting, That Yesterday (14 May) VG was with Ed on E ridge at 7200 meter in what they considered bad weather.  Today, they are reporting Veikka Gustafsson has stopped, but this is NOT confirmed.

Roc-Noir where we think they stopped.

Alberto Inurrategui and Jean-Christophe Lafaille are moving ahead strongly to the east summit, where Jean plans to bivouac; They must get up and go to the Main Summit, come back up the East Summit, and down the East Summit and back track down the mountain over what will take them a period of days!
Rappel mid summit: last technical passage, 8000 meters, just under the summit.
East Ridge
Frankly we find these pictures wonderful. Click on them to see the large versions.

We are hoping to hear from Katia Lafaille [wife of Jean Christophe reporting for] again soon.


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