Jean-Christophe Lafaille: Annapurna 2002

Read the dispatches from Spring 2002 here: Dispatch April 3, 2002 Bonjour

Jean-Christophe Lafaille, how good is he? Many think he could end up with the best ever! His style of small expeditions, no oxygen, not much equipment, man vs mountain reminds some of Messner.

Jean-Christophe Summits include: Cho Oyu via the Polish route; A new route and solo on Shishapangma; G2-G1 traverse and the Lhotse West Face. he also summitted Manaslu via the North face, the first solo ascent of the mountain! But Jean-Christophe is not limited just to the big mountain, for example he just completed the first solo winter ascent of Pelerinage on the North face of Peigne. This route is graded VI, 6, was first climber by Beaudoin and Parkin in 92. Jean-Christophe climbed it in 5 hours ! He is the complete package... voted him one of the best of the best climbers today in 2002.

However, with 8000 meter peaks the risk in high, as many great climbing careers come to an end in a few seconds. Jean-Christophe will attempt Annapurna this Spring for the 4th time. His first expedition on Annapurna, with Pierre Beghin had a tragic end when Pierre disappeared in a fall at 7600 meter while Jean-Christophe watched. In 98, while attempting to do an alpine ascent of the mountain (without ropes!) a Sherpa disappeared in a avalanche.

Read the dispatches from Spring 2002 here: Dispatch April 3, 2002 Bonjour

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