Aconcagua 2002!

Dispatch#32 January 22nd, 2002.  Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina. Team Canusa Hi this is Ellie Henke calling from Aconcagua Base Camp calling in on January 22nd for Team Canusa, where we heard from Allen and Matt. Their team has just moved up to Camp IV, so they have moved camp as far as they are going to move all the way up the mountain.  At this point Allen and Matt are joined by Colin, David, Carter, Jorma, Christine and Ed and they all send their best wishes to Nick Scott and Tim who at this point have left the mountain for various medical and personal reasons, and wish them all the best in their next adventures.  The next plan for Allen, Matt and Co. will be hopefully heading for the summit tomorrow, we'll cross our fingers that the weather holds.

Allen sends down a message that the United Nations has declared this year, the International Year of The Mountain, and Alpine Ascents is working in cooperation with the United Nations trying to promote greater awareness of mountain ecosystems.  So as part of that effort, when Allen and the team reach the summit, hopefully tomorrow, Allen will be reading us a poem about mountains.  Team Canusa asks that all the followers at home ask themselves what mountains mean to them, both in a symbolic way, or in a very practical way.  But to think about mountains and what they have meant to the human race throughout history and what we can do to protect mountain integrity.  So we'll be hearing more from Allen, hopefully from the summit, on this International Year of the Mountain.  

We also have a personal message from Colin today, who tells all his girls, Kathy, Riley, Katy and Madison, that everything is going well and that he misses you, and best wishes to John his pal, and Colin very much wishes you were here with him on this adventure.  So that's it from Team Canusa for today and hopefully we'll be having news real soon from the summit.


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