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 Daily News: 4/29/2000 Report

For Latest News. For earlier reports: See the News Index for a list of all the Daily Reports. See the Home Page for Individual Stories.  Receiving Reports from over 30 Teams on Everest this Spring 2000.

Makalu 2000: Dhaulagiri 2000: Lhotse 2000: Cho Oyu 2000: 

Manaslu 2000Kangchenjunga 2000: Annapurna 2000 Updated 

  • 54 "Expeditions" this year on Everest.

  • 13 men will attempt to break Lev Sarkisov's record as the oldest climber to reach the Summit. The climbers: 6 from Japan, 3 from the US, 2 from Russia, and one each from Spain and France. 

    Lev is a special climber and person.

EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches from Adventure Consultants in Spring 2000.  Adventure Consultants is a world renowned expedition climbing company with a legacy of ascents to the more remote and wild peaks on our planet. Quality service, complete commitment and success are the hallmarks of Adventure Consultants, as are Guy Cotter and the qualified guides and staff who are the driving force behind Adventure Consultants’ expeditions. 

Dispatch: AC Team rested up and heading to Camp III 4/27/2000

After several days of rest, the AC team have departed BC at 5.00am this morning which seems to be the program for so many of the expeditions today as there are about 50 people in the icefall. The plan is to stay at CII tonight and tomorrow night,  then move up to CIII for the next night. The WX forecast predicts the jet stream winds to hit the mountain on the 29th, the same night Yuki and Dave expect to be there, so their arrival may be delayed! 

Jim Litch arrived yesterday to replace Dr Rachel Bishop as our base camp doctor, Jim has been a guide for AC, summiting Cho Oyu and Shishapangma in 1999. Jim is also an Everest veteran from an ascent via the Nth Ridge and is recognized as one of the worlds leading high altitude doctors. We have a system in place so that in the event any AC expedition members experience any problems they will receive immediate attention, whereas most other expeditions are forced to enquire around camp to see if any available doctor will see patients.  After all, our resources and infra structure are in place to ensure the best advantage for our team, and the well being of all! 


  • Gabriel Filippi

On the small yellow tent with the foot of the large glacier, a message written with the hand: " Return in five days " the Quebec mountaineer Gabriel Filippi, who came very close to death this week on the mountain, left the base camp to go to rest at lower altitude. 

Now in this own words http://www.everesty2k.com/en.html

  • Everest South Pillar

An experienced Danish Expedition: Thrane & Thrane sponsorship of the first all Danish Mount Everest Expedition. 

Here is part of today's dispatch: "

Henry had already vanished into the dark of the night mumbling on about the Apocalypse when the news hit me. The acclimatisation trip to Camp 3 the next day would have to be postponed and, no longer able to fall asleep, the only thing left for us to do was to collapse into the mess tent chairs and finish off the last drops of our whisky... "

The BigE-expedition and its progress can be followed at Thrane & Thrane’s website: http://www.tt.dk/everest/intro.html

  • India http://www.indiaeverest2000.com/  

The climbers from India confirm they plan to sleep (at least one of them) on the Summit of Everest.

North East Ridge Spring 2000: Ken does not climb Everest this time. He goes for the cleaning of Everest, around 6000M-8000M. He is planning to get about 2 tons of garbage from the mountain. The main sponsor is SONY CORP.

Ken, who is the youngest to achieve the Seven Summits (well at least one version), is winning many fans this year for his clean up efforts on the North Side. The climbers are saying he is doing a great . He is using Sherpa climbers from Asian-Trekking.

As we understand it, He will NOT be attempting the Summit, nor will his Sherpa climbers. 

  • Records

This Summer EverestNews.com will update the Seven Summits list. We also hope to add lists for all the climbers who have reached the Summits of all the 8000 meter peaks. 

  • Hugo has a tribute to his Sherpa climbers:

Babu Chiri Sherpa: 9 Summits of Everest.

Dawa Sherpa: 4 times the summit of the Everest. 

Nima Sherpa: 3 times to the summit of the Everest. 

Lhakpa Sherpa: One summit of the Everest. 

"Certainly there are other very outstanding Sherpas as Dorjee Sherpa that has achieved 7 ascents to the Everest or Lhakpa Sherpa that has 5 ascents, which collaborate with other expeditions. But the team of Sherpas of "Mexico on Top of the World" constitutes a unique force...." Check him out at 


  • Everest Spring 2000: Everest Dream

Saeed has posted his 4/20-4/26 Updates check him out at www.everestdream.com

  • New Book ! For other new books see the end of this news page...

 "The Mystery of Mallory & Irvine," by Tom Holzel & Audrey Salkeld, Pimlico/Random House (UK), The Mountaineers (USA) Available Now

  • Annapurna Spring 2000: EverestNews.com will follow the attempt on Annapurna of the "International Annapurna 2000 Expedition": We think you will find these daily reports very interesting. Go to their site for the pictures and dispatches in Spanish.

Update: 4/27/2000 The Expedition Members Suspend Activity for Today

Location of Expedition: In CI awaiting improved weather.

Next Objective: Climb to CII at 6100m

Dispatch: The members of the expedition suspended activity for today, and are waiting in CI for better weather.  Again, the weather on the mountain wanted to test our physical and mental resistance.  But we already knew and understand that mountain is capricious and sometimes implacable. We are alone on the mountain, although the knowledge that our families, friends and those who share our love by the mountain accompany us with their hearts and the spirits.


Joaquim M. "Jake" Molins Gil from BC at 4180m, Nepal 

Their web site:  www.interofer.es/annapurna2000 with reports in Spanish, Pictures and more !

  • Recent News

Christine Boskoff and Peter Habeler headed up the mountain for a Summit attempt. 

Mallory & Irvine 2000: Graham and the BBC returns in search of Irvine Updates

Alberto and Felix Inurrategi with Pepe Garces reached the Summit of Manaslu on 4/25/2000 which is believed to be the first Summit of the Year 2000 for a 8000 meter peak.

Graham Hoyland and the BBC returns to Everest in Spring 2000 in search of the camera and Irvine. EverestNews.com

EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches from Mountain Madness for Everest Spring 2000

List of Expeditions who have paid for their permits in Nepal

In search of Mike Matthews' Body

Reinhold Messner latest adventure

The Quest for 14

Death on the way to Everest continued

Death on the way to Everest

EverestNews.com has learned a 14 year boy plans to attempt the Summit of Everest in Spring 2000

Juan Oiarzabal, "To the Edge of The Impossible" or AL FILO DE LO IMPOSIBLE in Spanish: Expedition to recreate the ascent of 1924 of Mallory and Irvine of Everest. This expedition is already underway.

Summary of Canadian Expeditions on Everest in Spring 2000

Graham Hoyland's Lecture "Unraveling the Mystery of George Mallory" in the Baird Auditorium at the National Museum of Natural History.

Alan Hinkes Q&A

EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches from Adventure Consultants for Everest Spring 2000

Close Does Not Count for Records


EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches from Jagged Globe for Everest Spring 2000

Spanish Climber to attempt the Messner route on Everest

Change of Guard at the Khumbu Ice Fall

Graham Hoyland and the BBC returns to Everest in Spring 2000 in search of the camera and Irvine.

Jochen Hemmleb Q&A Part 7

India climber plans to spend the night on the Summit

For all the April 2000 News

For all the March 2000 News

The Mountaineering Must Haves


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