Everest Spring 2002 !

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Monday 6 May: Guy Cotter reported in from BC today "Hello there, team are all down and feeling good. All made good time to C3 and no problems overnight for them so they, one and all, enjoyed pizza and beer in BC on arrival back at BC. This of course was preceded by homemade veggie soup and chips and followed by banana cake topped with cream.

Today we expect Haraldur's father and friend to arrive for a visit as well as Celeste (AC Expedition doctor), and friends Mel and Pog. Should be a busy one here!

Many teams are planning to start summiting in a few days with the Koreans sitting at C2 and intending to hit the top within 4 days or so. The Swiss group, featuring Tashi Tenzing (grandson of Tenzing Norgay and a summiter with Adventure Consultants in 1997) and the son of Raymond Lambert, who along with Tenzing in 1952 had to turn back with the summit in sight, are intending to try for the summit somewhere around the 13th.

Our group is still a little behind the leading groups and expect the summit bid to be around the 15th or 16th, depending how the weather treats us. Several other teams will be in synch with us at that time also.

We just heard from Ang Dorjee who is above C3. Already today he has been to South Col (C4 at 7950m) having started with a double load from C2 (6400m) this morning. He has deposited his load at the Col already and will be back in C2 at about 11.30am. The rest of the Sherpa team he left with from C2 will only be at South Col to drop their loads by the time Ang Dorjee is already back at C2. Talk about fast! He is then intending to arrive here at BC before 2pm today.

The Sherpas are doing a fantastic job and by today will have deposited all our loads for the summit attempt at the Col. They will go down valley to visit families and probably confer with their local Lama to get a blessing before going for the summit attempt. We are lucky in our Sherpa team - all but two have gone to the summit before and between them they have 13 ascents of Mt Everest under their belts."

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