Everest Spring 2002 !

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Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2002

Friday 10 May:  After a week of resting in Base Camp in preparation for their summit attempt the climbers are feeling fit and ready for the upcoming challenge. The Sherpas have returned to Base Camp from a few days off visiting their families and the week has passed by with warm, calm days in BC but high winds persisting about the South Col and over the summit of Everest.  All indications are that the weather is going to improve next week so the Adventure Consultants group plan to leave Base Camp on Sunday 12 May for Camp 2, and they are then aiming for Thursday 16 May as their probable summit date. Check back regularly next week as we report on their progress, especially on summit day itself. Report by Suze Kelly, Adventure Consultants

Saturday 11 May:  Guy Cotter reporting from Base Camp; " A small social get-together with the National Geographic crew was arranged last night with Pizza being the highlight of the gastronomic fare. Tomorrow our team intends to once again ascend the icefall and move through to C2. After a rest day the team will move to C3 and then onto C4 for the summit bid. Of course any plans in the mountains are bound to change so the final decision to go will be made from C2 with special consideration being made to the weather and the number of people who will be trying to make the ascent on the same day.

Today the team will concentrate on final arrangements and preparations and at 5.00am tomorrow morning (12 May) the crew will depart base camp for the Khumbu icefall.

Grandson of Tenzing Norgay, Tashi Tenzing left base camp this morning to make his bid for the summit as part of a crew intending to film, and celebrate, the serious attempt made by Tenzing and Raymond Lambert in 1952. Lambert and Tenzing camped out without sleeping bags or tent at 8600m and narrowly failed to reach the top. Tashi summited with Adventure Consultants in 1997 and this would be his second summit if successful. Good luck Tashi.

Quote of the day from a Sherpa regarding the Maoist problem: "The name is Maoist, the politics is Indian" (in reference to the Maoist problem in Nepal, unrest which is eschewed by the Chinese but sponsored and manned by Indians)".

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