Everest Spring 2002 !

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Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2002

Wednesday 15 May:  Updates continued 1300 Nepal time;

Just heard from Dave at 1230. He's just arrived on the col with the others behind him. The weather is warm but it's now snowing lightly. Ang Dorjee and Chuldim went up to the balcony to fix ropes last night and arrived back this morning. Whilst plans were made for Sherpas from several teams to help with the rope fixing, only a couple of other Sherpas were there to assist. Waist deep snow on the SE ridge made the going difficult but the work will very much benefit the efforts the climbers and Sherpas will be faced with tomorrow.

1520 Nepal time; I just spoke to Bill at Sth Col. All are resting, eating, drinking and generally getting prepared for the big night ahead. It appears there are about 50 people at the col ready to make the attempt tonight so numbers are not quite as bad as we had thought.

The plan is for one team to go ahead with Sherpas to fix ropes with the other teams following up later. The Adventure Consultants team will depart about 10 or 10.30. We will be following them from base camp and sending regular updates with progress.

Weather is fine and warm with some intermittent snow flurries which are dying out. Over the last couple of hours the weather has improved after the afternoon thermals have begun to dissipate. That's it for now, Guy Cotter

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