Everest Spring 2002 !

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Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2002

Wednesday 15 May:  Updates continued

1900 Nepal time: The Adventure Consultants team sits on South Col in clear weather about to head off to make the ascent. Several other teams also await their departure and we  anticipate about 50 people leaving the col to make the first ascent of the mountain for the year. Climbers on the north side of Everest are also planning to leave tonight so there may well be teams from both sides at the top together.

2215 Nepal time: The AC team has radioed in to BC ( who in turn have phoned us in New Zealand) that they have departed just now for their summit bid, along with many climbers from other teams. Guy described the weather as 'perfect - the best night we've had in quite a few days'. 
The 11 climbers going for the summit in the AC team are; Bill Crouse (USA), David Hiddleston (New Zealand), Ellen Miller (USA), Alan Arnette (USA), Tom Burch (USA), Haraldur Olafsson (Iceland), Robert Plotke (USA), Ang Dorjee Sherpa (Nepal), Lhakpa Dorje Sherpa (Nepal), Pasang Tenzing (Nepal), Phu Tashi Sherpa (Nepal).

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