Everest Spring 2002 !

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Thursday 16 May: 
0745 hours Nepal time, Everest BC. Email report from Guy Cotter;

Just spoke to Ang Dorjee and Dave Hiddleston at South Summit. They have arrived along with Bill, Ellen and Haraldur and Sherpas Ang Passang and Lhakpa Dorje.

The team left the South Col at 2215 during the night in clear and cold conditions. During the night Alan, Rob and Tom turned around and returned to the South Col. They put in their best effort but made the decision to turn around based on how they were feeling. Whilst we are disappointed for them that they did not summit after all the work they put in we respect their decision to turn around whilst they had some in reserve and did not
wait until they were too spent too descend.

Whilst the weather could not be better, the snow conditions found on the SE ridge above the balcony consisted of deep snow. This part of the climb took some time to make a trail and fix ropes. However, the efforts of Ang Dorjee, Chuldim and 4 Sherpas from other teams yesterday made the summit attempt possible today. They left at 0500 yesterday morning to make a trail in the deep snow and fix ropes on the route above South Col to the balcony region. Ang Dorjee reported waist deep snow. It is again a credit to these Sherpas that they can work so hard at extremely high altitudes several days in a row. Ang Dorjee is heading towards his 8th Everest summit!

There are many people up on South Summit and the weather is perfectly fine with no wind and all the members are feeling fine with plenty of oxygen reserves for the rest of the day. Just now some climbers and Sherpas have begun making the trail along the summit ridge towards the Hillary step, a steep rock section along the precipitous summit ridge. From the top of the step it is about 30 minutes to the summit itself. We anticipate they will reach the top at about 1000 hours this morning.

We'll update again soon!!! Guy Cotter

Thursday 16 May: 
0830 hours Nepal time, Everest BC. Update by phone. 

The team have just left from the South Summit and are heading towards the Hilary Step, which has already had fixed ropes put in place. The weather is still calm and clear. Alan, Rob and Tom are preparing to leave from South Col with Phu Tashi in about one hour to descend to Camp 2.

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