Everest Spring 2002 !

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Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2002

1630 hours Nepal time:  The latest report from Base Camp advises the following status of the Adventure Consultants expedition teams' progress off the mountain.

  • The summit team have arrived back at Camp 4.

  • Alan and Phurba are staying at Camp 3 overnight.

  • Tom and Rob are moving to Camp 2.

All members will take a well deserved rest, and may all be able to descend to Base Camp by tomorrow night.

The Summit List from Nepal: Following four members and three high altitude Sherpas of Adventure Consultant Everest Expedition have succeeded to climb 8848m high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge on 16th May 2002. They had started from South Col. (Camp IV) on 15th May 2002, at 10:15PM. 


Name of the Summitters

Date of Birth


Home Address

1 Ms. Ellen Elizabeth Chumbluy Miller 24 Feb 1959 9:56AM Colorado, USA
2 Mr. Haraldur Orn Olafsson 8 Nov. 1971 10:15AM Reykjavik, Iceland
3 Mr. David John Hiddleston 14 Feb 1969 10:15AM Wanaka, New Zealand
4 Mr. William Charles Crouse 1 Dec 1963 10:15AM Colorado, USA
5 Mr. Ang Chhuldim Sherpa (8th time summitter on Everest) 41 Yrs. 10:15AM Khumjung-5, Solukhumbu
6 Mr. Pasang Tenzing Sherpa (2nd time summitter on Everest) 25 Yrs. 10:15AM Khumjung-5, Solukhumbu
7 Mr. Lhakpa Sherpa (2nd time summitter on Everest) 41 Yrs.  10:15AM Gudel-Solukhumbu

 The nine member Adventure Consultant Everest Expedition team was permitted to climb the Mt. Everest from South East Ridge.

Compiled by Bikrum Pandey for EverestNews.com 16th May 2002


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