Everest Spring 2002 !

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Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2002

Friday 17 May:  0940 hours Nepal time. All team members are coming down to base camp today and are expected to arrive tonight. Bill, Dave, Ellen and Haraldur left from the col at 9.00am and are already at Camp 3. Rob and Tom have left from Camp 2 to descend to base camp and Alan is already at Camp 2 after descending with Phurba. Alan is going to wait for Dave and Bill & co. to arrive and will then descend with them.

Today Bill reported 50-60 knots on the col, although it's calm and warm in base camp. No-one is going up to the summit from this side. The weather forecast looks not-so-good so maybe yesterday was THE day! [Note Adventure Consultants as an IGO 8000 team has the weather reports that has proved reliable the last few years.]

The Ministry of Tourism reported 54 people on top from 8 teams yesterday. Russell Brice reported about 12-14 from the North side and 30 were expected to go today from that side. Bill and Dave reported that they were all feeling quite dehydrated since it was warm for an Everest summit day. 

The Adventure Consultants expedition base camp crew are planning a big party this evening and then people will start leaving base camp from tomorrow. The yaks and equipment loads will not leave from base camp until May 22, as it takes a few days to clean all the camps from the mountain and get everything packed.

In New Zealand the media have celebrated the Adventure Consultants climbers' ascent of Mt Everest in various papers, on the radio and on TV. An article in the Southland Daily Times erroneously stated that Passang Tenzing was the grandson of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa! They have been corrected on this so as not to confuse with Tashi Tenzing's successful ascent of Everest yesterday.

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