Everest Spring 2002 !

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Thursday 11 April: At 3.45am we descended on the breakfast tent and left for the icefall by 5am. Just now (10.25am) Tom Burch and Ellen Miller have begun the descent after a short rest at Camp 1. Bill, Allan and Haraldur are close behind and ready to descend back to BC also. Dave Hiddleston is above the Football Field (halfway up the icefall) with John and Rob. Guy and Andy descended from the top of the popcorn area and have just arrived back in BC. It's a very hot day now and all will be content to arrive back in BC for fluids and rest. Ang Dorjee Sherpa (our climbing Sirdar) has just called from Camp 2. He has just dropped loads there with three Sherpas. Four others have taken loads to C1 today also.

So the expedition has started in earnest! Everyone is healthy now having kicked the colds picked up in the Khumbu on the walk in. The mountain seems a lot quieter this year. There are only 7 teams and it appears that almost all are experienced and there is a general feeling of mutual support.


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