Everest Spring 2002 !

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Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2002

Thursday 18 April:  Guy Cotter has reported in from BC -  "all expedition members are going well, they have spent two nights at C2 and are back at BC for a few days rest here before going back to have a crack at C3. The weather has been outstanding. There have been about 20 possible summit days already and virtually no strong winds of note. There are a couple of teams ready to move further up the mountain, but so far no ropes are fixed on the Lhotse face. A meeting was held in BC yesterday where it was decided what order work would be done on the Lhotse face and by whom.

Our team still has several days work to establish C2 properly and we will be sending a Sherpa team onto the Lhotse face about the 23rd to fix ropes to the South Col. Conditions on the Lhotse face are good with enough snow remaining to make for a not-too-icy ascent to C3 and C4.

The Sherpas are resting in BC today. Ang Dorjee has been perfecting his card playing with the westerners. He's probably sick of taking money from all the Sherpas! Our Liaison officer arrived yesterday. Ian, Carol and Angus Nicholson from Kunde Hospital will arrive today to stay a night or two so it's sure to be a busy time".


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