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Wednesday May 8th: Due to a heavy storm, the entire team was forced to return to camp ABC. They will rest for a few days before doing another attempt.

Monday May 5th: The weather window (a series of days when the sky clears to allow an attempt at reaching the summit) has arrived earlier this year. Regretfully I watch the members of the other expeditions leave the advanced base camp to take advantage of this short-lived period. This morning I could see a few dots climbing to the summit. I think it's a team from Singapore. Three of my climbing companions (J, S, MD) have reached C3 and if the sunny weather keeps up, they will be setting off tonight to make a first attempt. The two other members have reached C1. I am suffering from a serious case of sinusitis, which is impossible to cure at this height. The solitude in the advanced base camp is almost unbearable.

Saturday May 4th: I don't have the words to describe how I'm feeling at the moment: I have decided to call off the climb. When I was planning this expedition I was often assailed by thoughts about not being good enough to climb the mountains or strong enough to face up to the natural elements. But the thought never struck me that I would have to "drop out" because of health reasons. Owing to feelings of impotent frustration I'm coming down in record time. For my own peace of mind, calling off the expedition is certainly NOT the best decision, but it is the most reasonable one. That is what I promised to those back home who are lending me their support.