Latest News: Hello to all friends from the Broad Peak Base Camp, We have been extremely unlucky with the weather this year at Karakorum. In one month of climbing time, we had only three climbable days. And, as now the expedition itinerary is about to be finished...

The first Peace Climb was realized in July 2001 at Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey when the seven Everest summiteers from different nations joined forces to climb the mountain. The aim was to show the world that "we can all get along" and the best way to demonstrate this was bringing together climbers from different races, nations, languages and religions on one rope... 

As a result, the northwest face of historical Mt. Ararat was climbed in a fine team spirit-  Khoo Swee Chiow from Singapore, David Keaton from USA, Tunc Findik and Nasuh Mahruki from Turkey, Ricardo Torres Nava from Mexico, Marcello Arbelaez and Fernando Gonzales from Colombia had embraced at the 5137 m. high summit of Mt. Ararat...

The Peace Climb for 2002 was scheduled to be done at an 8000 meter high mountain in Pakistanís great Karakorum range but timing and finance problems kept many of the original Peace Climb crew from joining. Currently, the climb will be conducted on the 12th highest peak of the Planet and 4th highest peak of the Pakistanís Karakorum- Himalaya range, Broad Peak. Broad Peak is 8047 meters high and it is situated across the Baltoro Glacier, with the infamous K2 peak at the other side of the glacier.. The 2002 Peace Climb team will consist of two of the original Ararat crew: Tunc Findik from Turkey and Fernando Gonzales from Colombia. American Alberto Carrizosa will be the cameraman and be helping with photography and the dispatches. Alberto has been a long time EverestNews.com contributor.

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Why Pakistan? The objective of the Peace climb 2001 was Mt. Ararat in Turkey, which was chosen for its historical and legendary background, as well as being an ideal ascent for the Peace Climb crew to get to know each other. The objective of the Peace Climb 2002 is in Pakistan, and the reason behind that is; Pakistan is a country among the wars and fighting nations, a hot spot in the world, but reasonable enough place to climb.. This magnificent geography is not so far away from the war-torn Afghanistan which strives for peace.. In summary, the mountains of Pakistan are the perfect setting for the symbolical Peace Climb.

Why Broad Peak? Broad Peak is a mighty mountain and, it is a fairly hard climb with some technical ground towards the top; it is a worthy objective for any high altitude climber. And for a small team of climbers in a big mountain, carrying all their equipment themselves, pitching their own camps in the classical fashion, and all this done without supplementary oxygen.. It will be fairly hard.

So, our two climbers, Tunc and Fernando will be meeting in Islamabad at the beginning of June and the two will be climbing up to their objective of Ďpeace for allí  soon - in two months time..

The climb can be observed with dispatches being sent to www.everestnews.com, the biggest website about the climbs and information on high peaks of the world..  

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