Korea Cho-Oyu Expedition

Leader: Mr. Baek Seung Gyu

The 6 climber Cho-Oyu expedition also from Korea, lead by Mr. Baek Seung Gyu. They have left Kathmandu and have now reached their base camp.

Update 5/7/2002: News received from ABC about the Korean Cho-Oyu says 3 Koreans and 4 Sherpas made it to the summit on the 5th May. The Korean alpinists will arriving at the Chinese base camp this evening (7 May) and drive to Zhangmu tomorrow.  Detail news of climbing is expected to receive after the climbers arrival in Zhangmu. AK

Update 5/12/2002: more details about the Korean success on Cho-Oyu.

The 6 member 2002 Korea Cho-Oyu Expedition led my Mr. Beak Seung Gyu, 47, successfully placed 3 Korean climbers and 4 Nepalese Sherpas on the summit of 8201m. high Mt. Cho-Oyu from the West Face route on the 3, 4 and 5 May 2002.  The summiteers were, Mr. Cheung Jang Keun, 47, along with two Sherpas Pema Tenzi, 38 and Pasang Phutar, 39 on 3rd May; Baek Sung Gyu, 47 with Sherpa Tirtha Tamang, 36 on 4th May, and Mr. Kang Deok Moon, 44, with Sirdar Nima Dawa, 37 on 5th May.

The summiteers trio,  (Cheung Jang Keun & Pemba Tenzi & Pasang Phutar) on the 3rd May reached the summit at 12.40 pm leaving Camp III  (final camp at 7500m) at 4.30 am;  the summiteers duo on the (expedition leader Beak Sung Gyu & Tirth Tamang) on 4th May reached the summit at 2.16 pm leaving Camp III at 7.00 am and the third summit duo (climbing leader Kang Deok Moon and Sirdar Nima) on 5th May were able to reach the summit at 11.20 am leaving the Camp III 5.00 am.

Even though the summit team on the 4th May was able to enjoy good weather throughout the day, the teams on the 3rd and 5th May experienced strong winds throughout the climb.  However, they were elated to see quick views of Mt. Everest and mountains in the surrounding when the clouds opened momentarily in the fast moving clouds. Earlier on 24th and 25th March, climbing leader Kang Deok Moon and alpinist Jung Chan Hyo were forced to spend 50 hours with no food and water trapped near Camp 3  in a very bad weather with strong winds blowing at 150 km per hour.

Later when the storm was over the Koreans found except for their tents which they hung and never let go, tents of all other teams at Camp II and III and all go blown away or squashed beyond recognition. Departing Kathmandu on 02 May, the Korean Cho-Oyu team were able to set up Advance Base Camp on 9th April at 5200 meter, Camp I at 6200 meter on 13 April ( the Korean team counted 33 tents belonging to 18 different team on Camp I !) Camp II at 7150m on 19 April and Camp III (the final camp) at 7500 meter on the 25th April. The team returned to Kathmandu on the 10th May and leaving Kathmandu for Korea on the 13th May.