Miura Cho-Oyu 2002 Expedition

Update 5/8/2002: Yuichiro Miura & Son Gota Reaches the Summit of Mt. Cho Oyu! The Two Generation Expedition Makes Two Records. The Japanese adventure skier whom well known internationally as “The man who skied down Mt. Everest” (in 1970) -  Yuichiro Miura (Age 69) and his son Gota (Age 32) reached the summit of Mt. Cho Oyu (8,201m), the sixth highest mountain in the world this afternoon. Not only did this expedition make Yuichiro the oldest person to reach the summit of 8000m peak at the age of 69 years and 6 months, it was also the first successful Japanese father and son summit of 8000m peak in the history. The team of seven climbers from Japan, Miura Expedition flew in Katmandu on March 20th climbed Mt. Parchamo (6,187m) for acclimatization and ice climbing training for the Cho Oyu attempt. The team departed Katmandu on April 11th for the Tibetan Himalaya, and established the base camp (5700m) on the foot of Mt. Cho Oyu on April 17th. The next ten days were spent for the team members adjusted their condition to the new altitude and shifting the higher camps. The first half of the attempt faced difficulties due to ever-shifting climate of Himalayan regions. There were altogether 13 expeditions attempting to reach the summit of Mt. Cho Oyu this time, including expeditions from Italy, Russia, Korea, Netherlands and other international teams. The success of this expedition is a milestone to the next challenge in Year 2003 of another Miura two generation expedition to the Everest by the same team. According to the report after the ascent, Yuichiro said “The wind at the summit is blowing very hard about 30m, and tempature is -20C!  It feels great to be here but will descend quickly and safely”. There were four climbing sherpas accompanied Miura to the summit: Norbu Sherpa, Ngatemba Sherpa, Nwang Tangi Sherpa and Tenzi Sherpa

* The world record of being the oldest person to reach the 8000m peak is solely based on EverestNews.com research data. We believe he broke the record of Felicien Morel, Swiss (66 years old).

Update 5/7/2002: Both Yuichiro and Gota has reached C2 (7000m). They will climb to C3 (7800m) today and plan to attempt Cho-Oyu summit tomorrow. In case you are wondering: The oldest climber currently to Summit an 8000 meter peak is Mr. Felicien Morel, Swiss (66 years old).

Yuichiro Miura, "the man who skied down Everest" is back! Well he never really went away, but he plans to attempt Everest in 2003 at age 70! He is currently warming up on Cho Oyu.

Yuichiro Miura and his son, Gota Miura, are both on the Expedition this spring to Cho-Oyu. Yuichiro Miura, the Japanese professional adventure skier whom mostly well known Internationally as “The Man who Skied down Mt. Everest”, at age of 69 years and 6 month is back to Himalaya again after 32nd years since he skied down from South Col of the Everest. This year’s Cho-Oyu Expedition is his preparatory climb for his Everest 2003 Expedition of which he aims to set the world record of eldest man to climb the mountain (at age of 70)... His son, Gota Miura (32 years old) is not professional climber but he was the twice representative of Japanese Free-Style Mogle skier for both 1994 and 1998 winter Olympic. Although this year’s Cho-Oyu Expedition is preparatory one, if he makes the summit, he will be become oldest person to climb an 8000 meter peak.

Through satellite phone and e-mail, they reported that they will be starting their summit attempt as of today (May/6) and if all the condition allows, their expected summit day will be on the May 9th.

Yuichiro Miura Team picture and CV is below ! check it out !

Curriculum vitae

Titles: CEO, Miura Dolphins Co.,LTD & Yuichiro Miura Enterprise

Head Master, Clark Memorial International Academy

President, Japan Roller Luge Association (JRLA)

Honorary Advisor, Oji Ryokka Co. LTD

Former Advisory Board member for, Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Education

Birth Date:        October 12, 1932

Born in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. He became first Japanese Professional Skier to participate various International competitions including US Professional Ski Circuit, Italian Kilometer Lanchard (Speed Skiing Competition) where in 1964 accomplished world Speed skiing record of 172.084 km at that time. Among many of expeditions and competition, his most well known worldwide accomplishment is in 1970 when he became first man ever to ski down the world’s highest peak  - Mt. Everest -  from South col at 8,000 m altitude.  Its documentary film “THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST” has won the Academy award (Foreign Documentary film division) in 1976.  After Everest’s descent, he succeeds to ski down from highest peaks of seven continents.  World wide known Adventure Skier as well as opinion leader in Japan from Sports, Culture to Education..  He has written variety of books, and produced series of adventure documentary films.


Professional Sports International Award, Spanish Mountaineering Honorary Member, Oscar Prize (Foreign Documentary film), Honorary Citizen for State of Washington, Golden Eagle award at New York Film Festival (Antarctica Documentary film), International Adventure Film Festival Special awards. Etc.

1956: Graduated University of Hokkaido, Master in Veterinary Medicine

Assistant to Professor

1962: Joined International Professional Ski Racer’s Association USA Competed in Professional Ski Circuit (USA)

1964: Become first Japanese ever to compete in Kilometer Lanchard Italy.  World Speed Skiing Record of 172.084, at that time.

1966: Skied down Mt Fuji, using parachute as stopping device Movie [Mt.Fuji Chokkakou]

Skied down Kosciusko (2,245m) , highest peak in Australia

1967: Skied down Mt. McKinley (6,194m), highest peak in North America

1968: Skied down Mt.Popocatepetoro, highest peak in Mexico

1970: Skied down Mt. Everest (8,848m) from South col (8,000m), established world record of skiing down from highest point on the earth. (Guinness World Record Registered)

1971: Invited by Spanish Mountaineering Association. Received Spanish Sports Heroic award.  Become honorary member to the association.

Special member at World Mountaineering & Adventure conference in Italy.

1973: Professor University of Aomori, opened Natural Sports Institution

1974: Board of Advisory, Ministry of Education

1976: Foreign Documentary Film - Oscar Award, “The Man Who Skied down Everest”

1977: Skied in Antarctica (this documentary film has won Golden Eagle Award at New York Film Festival)

1981: Skied down Mt Kilimanjaro(5,895m), highest peak in Africa

With family members – his father Keizo (77) established eldest record and his son Gota (11) established youngest record for climbing.

1983: Skied down Mt.Vinson Massif (5,140m), highest peak in Antarctica.

1985: Skied down Mt.Elbrus (5,633m) Russia, highest peak in Europe.

1987: Founded Japan Professional Ski Association, Chairman

1990: Board of Advisory,  Japan  Ski Instructors Association

Chairman, Japan Mogul Ski Association

1991: Organized and hosted “Mountain Summit” in Tokyo. 

Special Honorary Guest, His Imperial highness Prince Hironomiya and  Prince Akishino.

2000: Climbed Himalaya Gokyo Peak (5,360m), expedition included 5 High school students from Clark Memorial International Academy.

2001: Climbed Himalaya Mera Peak (6,476m), expedition included 2  students from Clark of which one made youngest record (age 16) for Japanese climber to reach the summit above 6,000m

Miura is currently training to aim the summit of Mt Everest in 2003 at age of 70 years old.