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  Autumn 2003: International Mountain Guides 8000 meter Coverage

Dispatch Seven

Current Expedition Time

Dispatch Seven: Thursday, September 11, 2003 7:30am Nepal time


IMG expedition leader Chris Booher phoned in with an update on the team's progress and plans. Yesterday Mike and Justin headed up to Camp 1 for an overnight with Nacho, Jim, Mark, Lindon, and Peter. They will climb this morning up thru the ice cliff below Camp 2, and then they'll head down to Advance Base Camp to rest for a few days. Chris and Garrett will head up to Camp 1 today with Lanta, Nancy, Tamara, Ken, Bill, and Adam. They'll spend tonight at Camp 1, then take a trip up through the ice cliff before returning back to Advance Base Camp tomorrow.


Mount Everest photos Eric Simonson expedition

An ice cliff below Camp II on Cho Oyu Photo© Eric Simonson Collection


Everyone is feeling great so far, the weather is OK, the Sherpas are making great progress up the mountain, everything except the sat phones seem to be clicking right along! We probably won't hear from the team until Friday, at which time we'll get an update on their progress and an idea about when they'll head uphill again.


Erin Simonson
International Mountain Guides coverage will include dispatches from the IMG Cho Oyu Expedition along with exclusive dispatches from Nancy Norris as she warms up for Everest 2004, when she hopes to attempt to become the oldest American woman (at age 60!)to summit Everest.

Eric Simonson, veteran expedition leader, Everest Summiter, author and motivational speaker. To book Eric

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