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  Autumn Cho Oyu 03: International Mountain Guides

The Plan in Time

IMG Cho Oyu 2003 Tentative Expedition Itinerary


Start of Expedition, All Members (Trekkers and Climbers):

Day 1      Leave USA from LAX    AUG 21

Day 2      Arrive Bangkok, overnight Bangkok

Day 3      Fly to KTM, arrive early afternoon

Day 4      Free day

Day 5      Get Chinese Visas, etc.

Day 6      Fly to Lhasa (12,000) on flight from Kathmandu Tuesday   AUG 26

Day 7      Visit Lhasa, tour Potala, Jokhang, Barkor

Day 8      Travel to Xegatse (12,800), tour Tashilumpo

Day 9      Travel to Tingri (14,400)

Day 10    Sherpas and trucks to Base Camp (15,500)

Day 11    Remainder of team to Base Camp

Day 12     Rest and Organization, acclimatization hiking

Day 13     Rest and Organization, acclimatization hiking

Day 14     Trek to interim camp (17,000')

Day 15     Trek to Advanced Base Camp (18,500')

Day 16-17   Rest and organization, acclimatization hiking


Day 18     Climb to Cho Oyu Camp 1

Day 19     Rest day

Day 20     Climb to Camp 1, overnight

Day 21     Climb Ice Cliff, descend to ABC

Day 22     Rest day

Day 23     Climb to Camp 1, overnight

Day 24     Climb to Camp 2, overnight

Day 25     Descend to ABC

Day 26     Rest day

Day 27     Rest day

Day 28     Rest day

Day 29     Climb to Camp 1, overnight

Day 30     Climb to Camp 2, overnight

Day 31     Climb to Camp 3, overnight

Day 33     Summit, descend to Camp 2

Day 33     Descend to ABC


Day 34-42   Contingency. Time for second attempt if necessary

Day 43     Yaks arrive at ABC

Day 44     Yaks return to BC

Day 45     Trucks and Jeeps come to BC

Day 46     Travel to Nylam

Day 47     Travel to Kathmandu

Day 48     Free Day / Contingency

Day 49     Fly to Bangkok, overnight Bangkok

Day 50     Fly to LAX, arrive U.S. same day October 9th, Latest possible arrival date home (could be earlier if the climb goes smoothly)

Eric Simonson, veteran expedition leader, Everest Summiter, author and motivational speaker. To book Eric

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