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  Nancy Norris: What are you waiting for?

Let's look at who Nancy Norris is and her background. Why this woman who is the mother of four and grandmother of four, would want to Summit Everest at 60.

Part One: First Climb!


Why did you start climbing back in '98? What opened this new door for you?


I started climbing in 98 because a friend suggested I try and indoor climbing gym near here, and after I got over the shock of looking at that high wall and taking my lesson, I couldn't get enough of it. Then I thought if it was that much fun climbing walls, I bet climbing big mountains would be even more of a rush so I found Colorado Climbing School (Bruce Andrews) and signed on for an 8 day climbing school in March of 98. There were two mountains offered and I asked which was the highest and they replied Longs Peak, I said, Then that's the one I want to climb. If I'm going to have a challenge I want the biggest.

Once I was out on the mountain (a first for me) I fell in love with nature, the beauty, and the quietness. The stars were so big and right in my face. It was then that I really realized how small and insignificant I was. I was hooked, I couldn't think of anything else or talk about anything else, I was in love with the world of Mountain Climbing and all it brought to me. Mountain climbing renews my strength of character and spirituality and is personally rewarding. There weren't any turning points in my life other than I was just ready to try something new and exciting, and I have never regretted it for one minute. I attribute my love for mountain climbing to my first guide Bruce Andrews because he made it such a positive event in my life. He was caring and kind and his enthusiasm and love for the mountains came through loud and clear as he taught me everything he could in those eight days. I told him that frequently and I told him again when I saw him for the last time on Denali last year when I was coming down from the summit and he was going up, he had that big smile and I knew he was proud of me for making the top. He was a great guy and great guide. He inspired me and still does. Nancy


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