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  Nancy Norris: What are you waiting for?


Dispatch Nine:  Hello Readers,  This is Nancy Norris reporting once again, but this time from Michigan. Coming down the mountain from ABC was a good trip and only had to test my balance for a few minutes while we crossed the river at the location of the unfinished bridge, much easier than the river crossing on our way up to ABC where several of us got very wet in the process.  It was a long driven from Tingri to Kathmandu, approximately 15 hours, but we were all happy when we arrived in Kathmandu.  We had our celebration dinner at the Rum Doodle and saw the names of our Sherpas and guide Chris indicating their summits of Mt. Everest.  We also signed a large "footprint" to hang up about our Cho Oyu climb. The flights home were good, but they always seems longer and harder. I was feeling a little worn out on the flights home so went to the doctor and found out I have pneumonia, but will be back to feeling great soon I'm sure. To summarize the trip, I really learned a lot about living at high altitude for so long and how hard it is on your body. I thought we would all eventually get used to living at ABC at 18500 feet, but you never do.  You do adjust in a lot of was thought.  Each time we climbed up to camp 1 for instance, it took less and less time.  I'm looking forward to changing my training program and will do that as soon as I get back to work.  I'm really glad of the experience on Cho Oyu, because now I understand a lot better what climbing Mt. Everest will be like.

A caravan of yaks cross the Nangpa La pass, 5700 meters, to trade in Namche Bazaar  Source: Nicolas Jaques

Yes, I'm still looking forward to that climb very much.  I can't say enough good things about International Mountain Guides.  Everything was top notch.  Thank you IMG and

—Nancy Norris

Nancy Norris, who at age 59 will attempt Cho Oyu, the world’s 6th highest mountain, as a prelude to her climb on Mt. Everest in the Spring 2004 at age 60. Nancy will attempt to become the oldest American woman to Summit Everest.

On Cho Oyu, Nancy Norris will join a team of 25 climbers, guides and support staff organized by International Mountain Guides, Inc. (IMG). Headquartered in Ashford, WA under the direction of American mountaineer Eric Simonson. IMG has successfully led over 100 climbers to the summit of Cho Oyu on 11 previous expeditions to that mountain.

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