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April 15, 2001

Manantial Everest 2001 leaves for Advanced Base Camp

After five days and six nights at Base Camp (BC) 5,200 meters. our expedition has left for the Advanced Base Camp (ABC) 6,400 meters.

The plan is that the whole group go to the ABC and depending how well each feels, they will either push ahead to camp 1 or return to the BC.  

According to our experience in 1997 we plan on returning to BC more frequently, it permits us to recuperate at a much faster pace.  However, that won’t be as easy as it sounds since it is 17 kilometers away even when well acclimatized it will take about 8 hours.

Our first mishap began as we left the BC, the food and equipment weighed in at 2950 kilos, we were not expecting that we had contracted for 2000 kilos.  We just couldn’t believe it so we tried another scale and it was the same.  We had to increase the amount of Yaks we needed so after some tough negotiating we were finally able to reach an agreement.

We began our trek, the yaktor (Carlos, M.D.) and Piqui (Nelson) left first, they have not been feeling well due to a very strong cold that has affected most of us.  Later on we left as we finalized some details with our Chinese liaison officer.  As we walked to the ABC we remembered many things from the last time we were here in 1997 with the Granahorrar expedition.

As soon as the inclination became steeper we met up with Piqui and the Yaktor.  We were quite concerned because we know of Piqui’s great walking abilities.  Before leaving Colombia he beat the record of crossing the Parque Nacional de los Nevados from 18 hours 1 minute down to 16 hours 2 minutes.  No doubt he was very affected by this cold.

On this traverse to the ABC we have a stop at the “Yak Camp” at 5,800 meters.  Little by little our teammates arrived.  On the way we crossed paths with the Russians and the English who had been at the ABC for a few days but due to a poor acclimatizing they were returning to the BC.  The large Siberian polar bear, the Russian expedition chief had told us that it was 3 days of constant head aches, news of what we were about to encounter.

As we arrived to the Yak camp we were generously greeted by an Anglo-American expedition that offered us hot tea and cookies.  Our yaks and equipment arrived shortly after.  The following day we decided that 3 of us would move to the ABC and find a place to set up the rest of the team would stay here one more day.  So Manolo, Fercho (Fernando)  and Piton (Roberto)  would continue.  It seems that this year it’s going to be very crowded on the north face.  If you get there too late we would probably have to set up somewhere far from the water or a cumbersome place full of rocks or somewhere that we may be exposed to avalanches.

On the 13th between our expedition members and the Sherpa team they set up the ABC.  Piqui had to return to the BC by orders from the Doctor.  The rest of us will reach the ABC later this afternoon.

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