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Dutch Mount Everest North Side 2002

Update Monday May 13th: After a long period of bad weather it seems there will be good weather. Hans and Wilco have ambitious plans to set up camp 2 and camp 3. From now on it is becoming exciting. 

Phone call Saturday morning. Wilco has called his girlfriend Helen on Saturday morning, very early: We are now back in ABC. We have been on 7400 m. to make a depot for Camp 2. We have not put a tent up due to the hard wind. Afterwards we descended to ABC. It is still very cold and there is a lot of wind. Hans has recovered completely and Wilco is also feeling very good. Hans almost got frostbite on the descent.

They will stay in ABC to go up again a.s.a.p. when the weather is good. The tents of Hans and Wilco on North Col are still OK. No damage due to the severe storms of last week. 

Plans for setting up camp 2 and camp 3: Hans and Wilco will attempt to climb from ABC to camp 2  (7400 m) in one go on Monday May 13th. On Tuesday they want to pitch the tent which has been buried there together with other gear by Wilco. (Hans descended earlier due to the hard wind and the chance on frost-bite on his fingers and toes. Hans does not suffer from frostbite, but his fingers turned white)  

The next day, Wednesday May 15th, they try to establish camp 3 on 7800 meter. Then they will descend to ABC. It is expected, with the current weather-improvement, that other teams  will attempt a summit bid already this week.

Hans and Wilco  will wait, also because the paraglide descend demands very good weather. Both Hans and Wilco make a healthy and motivated impression on the call. This good weather could speed up the whole thing.



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