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Dutch Mount Everest North Side 2002

Phone-call with Hans on Thursday May 23rd: Hans and Wilco are determined to reach the summit of Everest. Hans and Wilco will go up again on May 25th. They anticipate on a weather-improvement and expect to go for the summit around May 29th or 30th.

The rumors that Camp 3 has been blown away are very persistent. George, the American climber, has reported about it in great detail. Wilco had his sleeping-bag in this camp. Hans had less essential gear up there. They have to get replacements and they expect to use the tent of Simone More when they go to the summit.

They will climb from BC to Northcol, to Camp 2, Camp 3, summit and back
to Camp 3 and to ABC. Their final date for a summit bid is June 2nd. All others are already packing to move and they will be the last to leave from BC.

Hans and Wilco have lost a lot of weight, also muscles in their legs. But their motivation is still very good. They gain a lot of energy out of the moral support from home and the knowledge that the Monsoon has not started yet. The weather-forecast shows that there are still realistic opportunities. 



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