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Dutch Mount Everest North Side 2002

Update 5/28/2002: Hans and Wilco reported they will postpone their summit bid with a couple of hours. It is snowing on Everest and there is to little visibility. The plan was to leave camp 2 (7700 meter) at 10 PM and climb to the camp at 8300 meter and, after a short break, continue to climb to the summit. They tried to go up when the weather improved for a moment. But they had to go back and concluded they had lost to much strength. They try to get some sleep now and will leave for the summit tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Hans and Wilco will not take their sat phone with them.

Wilco from camp 2 (7700 meter): "Don't forget we had a very though day yesterday , the climb from 6400 meter 7700 meter. It was not a piece of cake. Sometimes you think to easy about it, but when you are actually climbing you feel you have little strength left."

Home: "Be honest, you sound  pretty good, but are you still thinking clear?"  Wilco:  "Yes , we are thinking clear. The hardest thing here is to be patient and let your body recover. We really wanted to go up today. Sitting in this tent for a day with the snowfall around is just no fun."



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