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Dutch Mount Everest North Side 2002

Update 5/30/2002: Wilco has called home in the afternoon.  He has no news from Hans who left for the summit yesterday. Hans has no sat phone. He is expected back in Camp 2 not within the next couple of hours. 

Wilco can not wait for Hans in Camp 2 because he has not sufficient water to drink. He has been advised by experienced climbers from home to descend, because his drinking water supply left, only 0.75-liter, is to little. He has started to descend after the call to the first camp below with a stove and fuel to melt snow. The sat phone stays in Camp 2 for Hans to call.

Wilco has been instructed from home: "Descend as soon as possible to the North Col (7000 meter) While passing by the remains of your blown-away camp stop for 10 minutes only to possibly retrieve a stove or drinks. But keep on descending. To North Col try to use the stove at the camp on North col. If it works you can stay at this camp until Saturday morning by the latest to wait for Hans. But you have to be in ABC (6400 m.) on Saturday night. If that stove does not work you can use the fuel to melt snow. But afterwards move on to ABC were we expect you to arrive on Friday morning.

There is food and water in ABC and a sat phone. Call home twice a day."

We are waiting for Hans to call. He has a stove in his backpack and can call from camp 2 (7700 meter). The plan is that he will join with Wilco on the North col or in ABC.

Update: Hans van der Meulen just called from camp at 7700 meters. He just returned from a successful summit. No oxygen, no Sherpa's . He is a bit tired, is resting now and drinking. Soon he will follow Wilco's footsteps.

Wilco is moving down towards North Col (7000) meters. He didn't have enough water left and no burner to melt snow. He could not wait longer for the return of Hans. 

Details of summit and reunion of Hans and Wilco will follow soon !

With a great sigh of relief and very proud we greet you all at



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