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Dutch Mount Everest North Side 2002

Update 5/31/2002: Hans has arrived in ABC !

Hans arrived in ABC at the end of the day. Wilco, who was very emotional, could see him already coming from far. He arrived very tired and has frostbite on four toes. But the damage seems not to be permanent. Wilco is looking after him, advised by a doctor from home. Hans managed the hard descend from Camp 2 at 7700 meter via North Col in one go. This is almost the final part of his descend after the successful summit-attempt that started on Thursday morning. They expect to go to BC (5200 meters) in a couple of days with the Yaks carrying their gear. The coming days they have to drink a lot due to the dehydration they both suffer from.

Hans is reporting he reached the Summit of Everest (north side) without the use of oxygen Thursday morning at 6 o'clock (Dutch time).

Wilco arrived at 9:15 CET the ABC, it took 5 ours descending from camp 2 (7700m). Fresh snow made it very difficult descending.

Hans arrived at 13:10 CET the ABC, he has frostbite on four toes (first degree). He is very tired, but very happy to see Wilco again.



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