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Dutch Mount Everest North Side 2002

Dispatch 1 & Dispatch 2

Dispatch 3: March 26, 2002

Dispatch 4: Last Saturday Dutch reporter 

Dispatch 5 Rain in Kathmandu April 4 

in Kathmandu ready to leave..

April 6th: The two of us woke up an hour to early, very anxious to leave. 

April 11: With a brand new 4WD they go on the adventure drive to BC.

The average speed is 10 miles per hour.

April 13-17th...

April 19-23 April Rest in BC Hans: I ask the cook to clean our dining tent in order to install our shower bag. The cook uses our dining tent to store the food which is not the primary function. Food supplies are all over the place, even big chunks of yak meat with a bad smell. The cook starts to move the supplies, the yak meat is back to the cook tent. We work on the solar panels and battery chargers. Click here for the full dispatches.

April 29th. Hans and Wilco have descended to ABC: After a short stay on the North col Hans and Wilco had to descend to ABC. Due to storm winds it was not possible to stay higher on the mountain. Click here for the full dispatches.

Wednesday 24 April North Col 7000m: Wilco: I woke up at 9.30 AM. I called my girlfriend Heleen last night and it was a very emotional call. At midnight I was awake and I knew it was 18.30 PM in Holland. That is the time she is most likely at home... Click here for the full dispatches.

Thursday 25 April ABC 6400 meters: Wilco: Woke up at 9.30 AM. We had breakfast together. Toast with egg, not really good cooked. It does remind me of my time in college, always short of money and eating breakfast like this. It is a sunny day, but the wind makes it cold. After this good night of sleep (we were really tired) we decided on our strategy: Another carry to North Col with the two of us to bring the remaining supplies for the high camps.... Click here for the full dispatches.

Hans joins Wilco Tuesday May 7: Sore throat and malfunctioning communication: It has been a while since the last dispatch from Hans and Wilco. Last week Wilco has returned to ABC from BC. He left Hans in BC to recover from a sore throat. Initially Hans wanted to use the extra time also to reconfigure the malfunctioning laptop computer. But Hans decided to leave it as it was and to join Wilco. Click here for the full dispatch.

Friday May 10: We expect Hans and Wilco back in ABC this weekend. The question will be if they succeeded in reaching camp 2 at 7400 meter. Most of the weather forecasts seem to prove that suitable weather to climb is ahead. The current weather conditions are not fortunate.... Click here for the full dispatch.

Update Monday May 13th: After a long period of bad weather it seems there will be good weather. Hans and Wilco have ambitious plans to set up camp 2 and camp 3. From now on it is becoming exciting... Click here for the full dispatch.

Report May 21st: Successful preparations We have called with Hans and Wilco. 

Phone-call with Hans on Thursday May 23rd: Hans and Wilco are determined to reach the summit of Everest. Hans and Wilco will go up again on May 25th. They anticipate on a weather-improvement and expect to go for the summit around May 29th or 30th... Click here for the full dispatch.

Update 5/27: The grand finale has started!

They have arrived at Camp 2 (7700 meters).

Update 5/28/2002: Hans and Wilco reported they will postpone their summit bid with a couple of hours. It is snowing on Everest and there is to little visibility... Click here for the full dispatch.

Update 5/29/2002: Wilco is back in the camp 2 at 7700 meter...

Hans van der Meulen is reporting that he has reached the Summit of Everest!

Update 5/30/2002: Wilco has called home in the afternoon....

Update 5/31/2002: Hans has arrived in ABC!

Update 6/3/2002: Hans and Wilco back in BC

Hans and Wilco have arrived in Katmandu today.

He has no evidence of reaching the summit and was not able to make a picture.  Hans: "The tips of my fingers were numb already. I decided not to remove my gloves. You just have to believe me" 

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