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 American Everest 2002 Expedition

With a Ski Descent planned!

Update 14 May 2002, Phone call from Jim at BC: Jim and Scott are ending the expedition and returning to the USA and home. They have already brought all their gear down from Camp 1 and ABC to BC and are leaving today to return to Kathmandu.

There were a few reasons that went into their decision to end the expedition. As I understand, some of them were Jim's health (he had gotten very sick on the way into BC and never recovered at the high altitude (21,000+ feet) of ABC) and he just simply ran out of strength and willpower when he and Scott tried to get up to Camp 2; Adrian leaving the expedition, resulting in additional load carrying requirements to establish the upper camps; and they felt they were running out of time because of the time lost waiting for new equipment to arrive to replace the equipment lost when their Camp 1 was blown away. Scott tried to get up to Camp 2 alone, but the wind was so strong it was knocking him down.

Ironically, one of the premier PC/Laptop manufacturers was preparing to ship a brand new laptop to to the team the same day as we received word Jim and Scott were canceling the expedition. We do hope to work with them again soon on another expedition and are most grateful for their assistance. The company asked that we not mention their name here at this time, but they have officially offered to work with us in the future.

We will have a better explanation of all the things that happened to end the expedition when Jim and Scott return to the USA. For now, we know most of you are as disappointed as they are that the expedition did not result in the team successfully making the summit of Mt. Everest and Adrian not getting the chance to attempt the first ski descent of the north face. We do hope you have enjoyed reading about the expedition and have enjoyed the pictures we were able to receive and post before the original laptop failed.

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