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Gavin Bate Everest 2002 Expedition

13:00 GMT WED MAY 15 2002 Report

Hi Everyone - I have just got off the phone with Gavin this minute. He is on very good form. "Hello peeps, this Will and Gav calling from 7,600m on Everest. We are very chuffed with ourselves - we mananged to make it up from camp 1 to camp 2 in two and a half hours which meant we knocked an hour off our last time. So acclimatisation is doing its job. We're feeling very good.

Just at this moment Will is sitting almost totally naked cooking some some soup and preparing some beef stew and dumplings for tea. We are in our tent, it's absolutely baking hot - the evening sun is still on us. Our little tent is jammed pack full of boots, down clothing, food, clothing, gas - you name it!

There's been a major change in our plan which we decided on last night. Instead of going up to 8,300m and making a camp and going for the summit from there we are going to go to 7900m tomorrow and with just a couple of bivvy bags and a tent and we're going to make our summit bid tomorrow at about 10pm. 

That means a 15-20 hour climb up to the summit and back again. It's very lightweight, very alpine style - as much as we can make it. The reason we are doing this is because there are severe gale force winds forecast for Saturday and that is more-or-less when we'll be coming off the mountain.

We want to try and get up as fast and lightweight as possible and not take as much equipment up high. Tomorrow is going to be quite a hard day. We're going to go to 7900m and then have eight hours rest during the day and then we'll put on all our kit at 10pm and go for the summit and see how it goes. We feel confident. We're strong , we feel really good, no illnesses, no headaches and we'll give it our best shot.

We'll keep you up to date with any news,


Gavin and Willie

[CAUTION AND NOTE: NOT all teams on Everest have the same weather reports, see risks; We do not know what reports Gavin has for sure.]


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Everest, showing approximate camps.