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Gavin Bate Everest 2002 Expedition

MAY 16 2002 Report

Hi Everyone, Here is the latest from Gavin and Willie's Everest summit bid. 

He and Willie have arrived safely at Camp 3 and are feeling great. They are due to leave on their summit bid in 6 hours, but at the moment the wind is far too strong to do that. They are both hoping that the weather eases slightly between now and their 10pm. 

Gavin says it's gusting to at least 25 knots and it needs to be a maximum 12-15 knots. They are eating at the moment - they're always eating! - and are then going to try and get some rest. They are camped, according to Gavin, on a tiny patch of rock next to a considerable drop so they have to be careful when they leave the tent! They made the climb up from camp 2 in two and a half hours. Gavin says there are have been some people up on the summit quite late today - about 1 or 2pm their time.

He is going to call back soon and we'll keep  you posted...

Richard Sheane


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Everest, showing approximate camps.