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Gavin Bate Everest 2002 Expedition

APRIL 9 2002 Gavin has got in touch with us again in the last few minutes. Over the last few days the team has been trekking between Base Camp, Interim Camp (5,600m) and Advanced Base Camp (6,500m). Gavin says that they are the first team on the route at the moment. Ahead of them are some Sherpas from a Swiss team and behind them are a Korean team and still further back are the actual Swiss team climbers.

The weather has not been that great - it is cold, windy and low level snow clouds have been a feature of most days. Two days ago all the team went up Interim camp from Base Camp. The trek was expected to last about four hours, but adverse weather and slow going meant that it took almost nine hours! Arriving in a Interim camp everyone was tired but in high spirits. It had been "a very difficult, chilly and windy day," said Gavin.

Yesterday Will, Gavin and Simone started to trek to Advanced Base Camp (ABC) and ahead of them the yaks had dropped off the climbing team's gear. The other members of the trekking team electing to return to Base Camp. On the trek to ABC, Simone decided turned back, followed shortly by Gavin and Will - the heavy snow cloud cover was good enough reason not to go on.

The team are all now back at Base Camp dreaming of tomorrow's rest day! The next day the trekkers leave for Kathmandu. All in all, Gavin said he has been very impressed with all the trekking team's efforts over the past few weeks.

Looking slightly ahead, on the 13th of April (Saturday) Gavin said he and Will are set to leave once again for ABC to stay the night.

Gavin says that both he and Will are acclimatising well. At the moment neither Will nor Gavin want to break trial above ABC and are currently discussing their future plans with the Swiss Sherpas.

That's all for now,



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