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5/17/02 - EVEREST


SO CLOSE: On May 14th the five of us headed towards the North col. The weather was quite mixed: some snowfall during the night and lots of wind. But on the next morning the weather had gotten better and we were able to reach our material depot and get to 7850m. In the early afternoon we were able to set up camp there. Even though all of us were pretty tired we started melting snow and drank, drank, drank. The sun set slowly and we began our preparations for our try for the peak.


Around 8 pm Andrea, Micha and Matthias began heading towards the peak. Around 10:30 pm Christian and Markus follow. In perfect weather conditions we followed the path to camp 3 for a few meters. Micha felt all right but then he had to throw up during a short break. Still below camp 3 (8100m) Andrea and he turned around. They met Markus and Christian on their way down. Markus also felts that this day was not such a good day for him and turned around as well, not having reached camp 3. Matthias and Christian moved fast - too fast. Above camp 3 they reached the so-called "yellow band". They followed the ropes. Right in the middle they realized that they have reached the end of the ropes. It is 2 am now. They saw some lights in the distance and assumed that sherpas are coming to fix the stage. After they had waited for one and a half hours the cold got worst than their will to stay and their feet turned numb. At this point they could feel the effects of climbing without bottled 02. They turned around as well. Pretty tired out they reached our camp (7850m) in the early hours. All together we descended to the ABC. 


NEW PLANS: Our "attempt" has motivated us more than it has de-motivated us. In a few days we will make another attempt. To be continued . 


Michael Borrmann
ABC, 6400m

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