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Everest 5/30/02 Our flight back home ...Katmandu & Zurich


We just left the office of Singapore-Airlines: it was possible for us to change the date of our return flight even though Singapore-Airlines cancelled all flights in June. That means that Andrea, Micha, Christian and Marcus will leave for Zurich tomorrow. We will be back home on Saturday the 1st of June 6:30 a.m., local time Zurich.


Matthias volunteered to fly out a little bit later so that he is able to tie up some loose ends. There are still a few things to organize. We heard that there had been problems with our Yaks and that our entire expedition gear was still on its way to Katmandu. Matthias will organize its shipping once it has arrived and will fly out on Monday, arriving at Zurich on Monday the 4th. Many thanks from the rest of us!


Andrea and Micha Katmandu 5/30/02

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