Kari Kobler's Mount Everest 2002 Expedition

Kari Kobler

Photo Kari Kobler: second step

HEADLINE:  Debriefing of the expedition and 7 Members leave early

CORRECTION: Spelling of the successful climbers on the summit: Bumann Rasso (not Baumann)

Still in the shadow of the mountain, still well equipped at ABC, all infrastructure continues to be here. Most expeditions on the North side had not accepted Chomolungma's invitation and wait for their second chance. Today's weather forecast confirms the actual weather, clear, cool, yet sunny with constantly growing wind speeds - the wind, always the wind! It scatters the hopes of future summiteers in all the ways of the compass, but not to the summit. There are discussion among us, between the ones who took the first chance and the ones that didn't. Who wants to go how high? The answers aren't simple, decision to be made. Simple for the ones who've set off above 8300m, as no one is drawn to that height again. Josette, who was toying with the idea of a second, oxygenated attempt, is tired. More difficult it is of  the ones who weren't there when the climb started at ABC. On location and prepared, shouldn't one try it, even solo, while the others' thoughts are invaded by memories of home? The ifs and buts are exchanged. 

In a common talk with Kari we decide to end the expedition, particularly since a there is no good weather window in sight. The wind whistles during the next week with a minimum of 30 knots, which would take all the fun out of a summit attempt, even with sunny weather.

What does this mean for the expedition? The sherpas empty the high camps, a task that can only be undertaken on May 22 the earliest, due to the conditions. Seven members left ABC on May 19 and will book a flight home as soon as possible. Five members marched to base camp on May 20 and waited for Kari and another expedition member who are guarding ABC. From base camp on Kari and the remaining six expedition members will begin the return to Kathmandu according to plan, and they will reach Switzerland at an earlier time, which is still open. 

Tomorrow we will break down our Internet Cafe and will report back in once we are at base camp.

Michèle Mérat Date: 20.Mai 2002


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