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Simone Moro Everest/Cho Oyu 2002 Expedition

 Note two New updates are below:

Update 5/19/2002:  Today the weather is all right but very windy. I am organizing a rescue for two Germans who after summiting with oxygen are on the brink of not returning...  

As always Everest doesn't forgive those who are daring too much and are not well prepared. The top is not at 8850 meters, but at base camp, when you are back from the summit. More than 50% of the climbers who are trying Everest haven't recognized that and more and more people will die.

How can it be that these people are not afraid of Everest?

Ciao, Simone 
Update 5/20/2002:

We have had a terrible wind for three days now and many climbers have returned to advance base camp crawling or pulled by Sherpas as they can hardly walk by themselves. Unfortunately, here, there are people who will do anything to reach the summit and discover once up that they have no energy to come back. And if Everest sends some winds or clouds cover the sky, then the game becomes very hard and difficult.

Now is the time to set limits and prevent many from climbing  Everest and get amputations or .... I am caustic, but I am sick of organizing rescues or dragging frozen people to their tents. These people don't belong here.

Anyway, besides this necessary comment, Mario, Ang Mingma Sherpa and me will start tomorrow for the definite climb to the top. We trust the forecast of good weather for the 24th to be there to summit.

We are at the grand final stage of our adventure and we hope well.

In fact tomorrow only Mario will go to C1 at North Col at 7000 meters. The day after Ang Mingma and I will go straight to C2, reaching Mario and going with him to the top. From then on the three of us will be together. 

Tomorrow news of the climb.

Ciao, Simone Moro 

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