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Simone Moro Everest/Cho Oyu 2002 Expedition


Update 5/18/2002: Hi, According to the forecast [which is not the weather forecasts used by the IGO 8000 expeditions] the weather is changing [ of course it ACTUALLY changed about 2 days before this!!!] and the last climbers who tried the summit in those wonderful last days are descending from Everest's high camps. Some of them are in bad health conditions, as they have spent all their energies and they are in "oxygen crisis" because they have finished all the bottles.


Yesterday night, by radio, we were in contact with a 8300 m Camp and we could hear the desperate search for oxygen from a German woman climber who was there with her husband. They both summited Everest, but they went from joy to distress as they finished their last oxygen bottle. 


We hope they will reach today the advanced base Camp. Our Sherpa Ang Mingma is trying today to reach the 8300 m Camp in order to install a tent and oxygen that will be used with Mario Curnis for their attempt to the summit. As for me, I will try an attempt but with a different level. As I won't use oxygen, I will leave advanced Base Camp and go directly to my tent at 7800 m and spend the night there. From there I will attempt the summit without stopping at the Camp 3 (8300 m) and going straight to the 8850 m of the summit. Of course, this is if health and weather conditions allows to. Tomorrow more news from the 6400m of the advanced Base Camp. Simone Moro.



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