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Simone Moro Everest 2002 Expedition

Update 5/21/2002:  Finally now it is the time. Better, it is the time again. Mario started this morning for the North Col at 7000 meters. The weather is clear but with an awful wind and none of the other teams at B.C. has moved. [note many times climbers don't know about others]

Two hours after Mario, Ang Mingma left for the Col.

I will move tomorrow, joining the two at 7800 in C2. We count on a decrease of the wind, otherwise the top will be inaccessible. I think the wind is reaching 95 mph on the ridge and it's not lovely to be there in such conditions. 

I will take the satellite phone with me, and will only talk to you, without sending e-mail or pictures on the climb.

Stay with us and hope well.

Ciao, Simone

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