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Simone Moro Everest/Cho Oyu 2002 Expedition


Today at 10.30 Franco Nicolini and Mirko Mezzanotte arrived at Base Camp. Omar Oprandi returned to Italy for precaution due to early symptoms of pulmonary edema. Our team is now complete and we can now go on to climb Cho Oyu. We are sad for Omar because he is a very valid member of the team, and we hope he will get better soon and will follow us from the Internet. The days are passing by fast and we are feeling better. I will rest 1 more day at ABC and then I plan on climb up to 7500 meters. I am transmitting daily reports to radio24 (in Italy), and I hope much more people are following our expedition. We air every night at 19.35 during Giancarlo Santalmassi's Helzapoppin show.

See you next time
Ciao ,
Simone Moro


Translated into English by Giovanni Lepore. For reports in Italian see the source


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