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Adventure Peaks Everest 2002 Expedition

Lead by David Allason Pritt

On Thursday 28th March the Adventure Peaks Everest team will depart Heathrow airport bound for Kathmandu.

The team met up at Heathrow on 28/03/02, while checking in the luggage a film crew from the fly on the wall documentary Airport where filming for a new series. Dave Pritt and Jill Pinkerton, Adventure Peaks Leaders, was interviewed regarding the Everest expedition.

Update 21st April 2002: 4/11/02 The group left base camp as planned along with 54 Yaks and numerous Yak herders for Intermediate camp at 5800m. The journey was quite uninterrupted, arriving at camp after about 5hrs. On arrival we were greeted with Sherpa soup (vindaloo strength) & some extremely cold weather, but most important moral was high. Click here for the full dispatch.

Update 9th May 2002: The past two weeks has seen the team progress onto the North Col at 7010m where members have spent between one and four nights sleeping in bitterly cold conditions -28C (plus wind chill) for this time of year. Very strong winds saw a variety of teams tents blown from the col, fortunately ours escaped. Our only casualty was our toilet tent at ABC. Our North Col camp is now firmly established and ... Click here for the full dispatch.

Update 13 May 2002: The team have returned to ABC following a good weather forecast and will be making summit attempts as follows: Click here for the full dispatch.

Update 16 May 2002 Adventure Peaks Summits Everest


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