Everest International 2002 Expedition North side

This International expedition is lead by Viatcheslav Skripko (aka Slava Skripko) and Borislav Dimitrov is his Bulgarian partner. Viatcheslav Skripko is from Russia perhaps the only one from that country who runs commercial expeditions to Himalayas and other parts of the worlds. He is running this expeditions with the Bulgarian climber, Borislav Dimitrov. Other members of this expedition include Ivan Loredo Vidal (Mexico) who lead a successful expedition is 1999 when his wife Karla Wheelock (Mexico) reached the summit and 5 others. The 22 year old Guillermo Carro is also a member of this team...

Update April 28, 2002: Monday 22 of April: Ivan was in BC and Guillermo stayed in the ABC. They traveled to C1 (7100meters) for acclimatization and Ivan went down to BC not being able to sleep well at ABC due to headaches. The weather has now turned bad and they will have to wait 5 days to continue their acclimatization process at C3 (7900 meters), and go down again and finally climb back the 12 of May for the summit attempt. They believe the Koreans are the most advanced group. They expect that the 6 Koreans and 6 sherpas will try to summit May 10. They believe the Russians, from Siberia are the strongest team. The Russians are all in BC. There is a group of Mexicans lead by Jorge Hermosillo Miranda, his wife and 5 friends, another couple who joined them and a man from Monterrey (Mexico) who are at ABC and plan to stay there. They consider this a bad strategy due to the altitude (6400 meters) 

Best wishes Stany


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