Kari Kobler's Mount Everest 2002 Expedition

Kari Kobler will expects to have a pretty large (for 2002) North side expedition in Spring 2002. Karl has reached the Summit of 6 of the 14 8000 meter peaks plus the central summit of Shishapangma. See below for details on his team.

Read their dispatches from Spring 2002 here.

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Kari Kobler

Karl Kobler, Expedition leader
Michèle Mérat, Doctor
Diego Wellig, Guide
Bumann Rasso
Norbert Burgener
Raphael Chassot
Josef-Konrad Iten
Veronika - Ruth Meyer-Gerber
Christian Müller
Mario Rizzi
Peter Weber
Hansruedi Wirth
Bernhard Fillion-Robin
Mario Dibona, Guide
Josette Valloton, Guide
Adrian Wälchli, a Guide who will help Karl with the trekking group...

Climbing Sherpa of Kari's expedition to Mt. Everest north side on spring 2002.

  1. Mr. Pemba Dorje Sherpa (3 time Everest summiter)-  VDC-Bedi Gogar 1, Dolakha  dist. , Janakpur/ Nepal
  2. Mr. Tashi Sherpa (3 times Everest summiteers)- VDC-Niche 3, Solu Khhumbu dist. , Sagarmatha/Nepal
  3. Mr. Pemba Sherpa (Everest summiter)- VDC- Taksindu 6, Solu Khhumbu dist. , Sagarmatha/Nepal
  4. Mr. Gyalu Lama (Everest summiter)-VDC-Tapting 7,Solu Khhumbu dist. , Sagarmatha/Nepal
  5. Mr. Pasang Nima Sherpa (non summiter) VDC Gaurisankar 9, Dolakha  dist., Janakpur/ Nepal

The 5 Climbers will be from Tibet mountaineering school.

3 BC cooks will be from Nepal side.

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