Korean Everest Expedition 2002

Mr. Um leads a 7 member Everest Expedition on the Nepal side on the mountain in Spring 2002. 

Update 5/16/2002: Following four members of 2002 Korean Everest Expedition have succeeded to climb 8848m high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge on 16th May 2002. They had started from South Col. (Camp IV) on 15th May 2002. 


Name of the Summiters

Date of Birth


Home Address


Mr. Hong Gil Um

14 Sept. 1950


Seoul City, Korea


Mr. In Lee

24 Feb 1966

9:25 AM



Mr. Mu Teak Park

22 June 1969

9:30 AM

Daegu City, Korea


Mr. Kwang Ju Ra

7 Dec 1967


Junburg City, Korea

 Seven member 2002 Korean Everest Expedition Team was permitted to climb 8848m high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge under the leadership of Mr. Um Hong gil, during the spring season of 2002.

Complied by Bikrum Pandey for EverestNews.com

Update 4/10/2002: The Korean team is already started up the mountain... reaching Camp 1 and possibly higher....

Update 5/8/2002: "First summit attempt this season: We understand the Korean team attempted to summit today but were turned back by high winds." [Note this information form other teams...]

Expedition Members:

  1. Mr. Hong Gil Um, 42, Expedition Leader

  2. Mr. Kwang Ju Ra, 35, Expedition Member

  3. Mr. Mu Teak Park, 33, Expedition Member

  4. Mr. O Seng Chung, 40, Expedition Member

  5. Ms. Hyon Seon Chae, 22, Expedition Member

  6. Mr. In Lee, 36, Expedition Member

Expedition Sherpas & Other Staff:

1. Mr. Ang Babu Sherpa, 27, Sirdar 

2. Mr. Pemba Choti Sherpa, 29, Climbing Sherpa 

3. Mr. Lhakpa Tamang, 24, Climbing Sherpa 

4. Mr. Pasang Namgyal Sherpa, 30, Climbing Sherpa 

5. Mr. Pemba Choti Sherpa, 29, Climbing Sherpa 

6. Mr. Jipa Sherpa, 38, Expedition Chef 

7. Mr. Mingma Nima Sherpa, 30, ABC Chef 


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