Everest 2002: Nepalese Woman Everest Expedition 

Sources in Nepal state that Pemba will be back next year for 3! The race for the first woman with 10 summits of Everest is the talk behind the scenes...

Update 5/15/2002: Pemba Doma Sherpa and Lakpa Chiri Sherpa from Nepal both Summited Everest! Pemba follows Lakpa Sherpa, as the second woman from Nepal to Summit Everest twice!  Pemba, has now lead two successful Nepali Expedition to Everest. She was the first woman to Summit Everest from the North (Tibet side) of the mountain.

The Summit List: Miss Pemba Doma Sherpa, the leader of Nepalese Woman Everest Expedition in IYM 2002, born on 7 July 1970 from Namche V.D.C.-1, Namche Bazaar and Lhakpa Chiri Sherpa (31 Yrs), high altitude Sherpa from Solukhumbu Namche-8, Thame have succeeded to climb 8848m high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge on 16th May 2002, at 9:13AM. It is also reported that she had started from South Col. (Camp IV) from 15th May 2002, at 9:00 PM. Miss Pemba Doma Sherpa is the second Nepalese woman who have been successful to climb the Mt. Everest from both side. She had been successful to climb Mt. Everest from North side on 29th May 2000. Miss Pemba Doma Sherpa is also the first successful Nepalese woman to climb Mt. Everest from North Side.  The Nepalese Woman Everest Expedition in IYM 2002 was permitted to climb Mt. Everest during the spring season of 2002 from South East Ridge. The Ministry of culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation would like to congratulate her for grand success climbing on the Mt. Everest from both sides. Complied by Bikrum Pandey for EverestNews.com

While much attention will be giving to the American women on Everest, Pemba Doma Sherpa, who reached the Summit of Everest in 2002 from the North side, is leading a team of Nepalese women mountaineers to attempt to summit Everest in Spring 2002. Pemba, from the Solukhumbu district is attempting to become the second Nepalese woman to summit Everest twice. For a list of all the women Summiters of Everest see EverestHistory.com

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