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 American Everest 2002 Expedition

With a Ski Descent planned!

Jim Fisher USA 32
Adrian Nature USA 44
Scott Earnest USA 27

Resumes on the climbers are below....


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jim2001.jpg (13854 bytes) Jim Fisher's resume: 32 years old 

climbing experience:

  • Have led six big-mountain expeditions.
  • Have led three expeditions to Denali.
  • Successful summit of Denali during May, 1997. My team successfully summited the West Buttress route.
  • Attempted the Cassin Ridge route during the extremely bad weather in 1998.
  • Successful summit of Denali June 9, 2001, via the West Buttress route. I was the expedition leader of a team of eight, including my girlfriend, my Dad and five others. Seven successfully made the summit after spending seven days waiting out bad weather at 17,200 feet. We had no accidents and everyone made it off the mountain with no ill effects.
  • Attempted the Cassin Ridge route again in June of 2001, immediately following our team's successful summit via the West Buttress route. Had to abort because of weather.
  • Served as a Search & Rescue climbing ranger for the National Park Service with Joe Reichart on Denali during the fateful and tragic 1998 climbing season.
  • First full traverse of Annie's Ridge (Grade III) on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, Denali.
  • First ascent of the Moose's Ass (Grade II 5.10 A0) on the northwest spur of Mt. Hunter with Adrian Nature and Rick Studly in 1998.
  • Aconcagua (22,841'), Argentina. This is the tallest mountain in the world outside of Asia and is the tallest in the Western hemisphere. Aconcagua is another of the "Seven Summits". I was the leader of the Team Colorado expedition and along with three other members, made it to 19,500' before chest-deep snows and extreme avalanche danger demanded the attempt be aborted.
  • Successful solo climb of Aconcagua, February 2000, in six days, alpine style.
  • Climbed the sheer face of El Capitan in Yosemite with Scott Earnest during September, 2000. Helped performed a rescue that was nationally televised by Real TV.
  • Attempted the summit of Shishapangma (26,046') in the Himalayas during the 2000 climbing season. This mountain is the fourteenth highest mountain in the world and is one of the fabled fourteen 8,000 meter peaks. I made it as high as 23,000+' before aborting the climb because of illness and severe weather.
  • Successful climb of Grand Teton, upper and lower Exume Ridge
  • Have climbed over half the fifty-four 14'ers in Colorado, most in the winter or via new routes.
  • Successful summit of Mt. Rainier in 1996.
  • Successfully climbed many famous Colorado ice climbs such as the Rigid Designator (WI 5-), the Fang (WI 5+), Ames Falls (WI 5), Stairway to Heaven (WI 4), the Bone (WI 5), Cornet Falls (WI 5) and Brides Veil (WI 5).
  • Successfully climbed hard mixed climbs such as the Boulder Boulder (M 7), the Lower Boulder (M 7) and Secret Probation (M 7) in Vail, Colorado.
  • In addition to my climbing I am a published professional photographer. My mountain photos have won international acclaim in the Kodak Kinsa photography contest. I have done photo exhibits and slide shows in Boulder and Denver, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia.
  • I feel I am climber with excellent climbing and safety skills. I stress team safety, team preparedness, both physical and mental, self-reliance, patience and teamwork while climbing; demonstrating the maturity to wait out storms and/or give up summits if conditions dictate, knowing the mountains will be there a long time.
  • Because I love the outdoors and mountains and want to do my part to keep them in pristine condition, I practice "pack it in, pack it out", leaving no litter and I always make sure that any expedition I am a part of also packs out all its trash.
adrian_shish.jpg (22687 bytes) Adrian Nature: Adrian is the most accomplished member of their team.  He has successfully made the summit of Denali (Mt. McKinley) 15 times by various routes.  He has worked as a guide and helped the Denali SAR rangers on rescues.  Adrian has done several notable ski descents on Denali, including the Orient Express, West Buttress, Messner Couloir and, most notably, the first and only continuous ski descent of Denali's monstrous 14,500 feet Wickersham Wall.  He has been high on Shishapangma in both 2000 and 2001.  Adrian is also a highly accomplished rock and ice climber, boulderer and big wall climber.  He brings all this experience with him to Mt. Everest to attempt his hardest challenge yet.  On this expedition Adrian will attempt to do the first full ski descent of the North Face of Mt. Everest!
Scott Earnest: Scott Earnest: Scott is a very accomplished climber.  He successfully made the summit of Denali during the 2001 climbing season and has been high on several big mountains, including Aconcagua and Shishapangma.  Scott is a highly skilled rock, ice and big wall climber.