Alpine 8000 Everest 2002 Expedition

wil3g.jpg (12288 bytes) Willie Benegas, will be back for number 3 ! Willie who reached the Summit of Everest on May 12th, 1999 and May 23rd, 2001 will be leading a 3 member expedition on the South Side of Everest for Alpine 8000 from Britain. Willie will have the support of 8 Sherpas climbers. 

Alpine 8000 (formerly OTT Expeditions) are the operators of the expedition. The expedition leader is Willie Benegas and they have three clients below:

Louis Strik  -  Holland

Maria Maccecchini  - USA

Robert Geier  -  Australia


Read the dispatches here.

Willie Benegasİ David Keaton

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