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Featured Everest Expedition: Team Everest '03
Dispatch Index

Update: Mt. Everest Expedition Team Departs: Austin mountaineer Gary Guller leads climbers with disabilities to tackle Mt. Everest

Update: Big Days with more ahead!

Update: Hello to all from Gary Guller in Kathmandu.

Update: Hello & Namaste! We arrived into the village of Lukla (9,000 ft) today where the trail and our trek to Everest Base Camp officially begins!

Update: Greetings from the tiny village of Monjo at 9,300 ft.  We are just before the entrance gate of the Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park.

Update: The last few days have been busy getting this expedition team up the hill. Everyone thus far is remaining healthy, happy and very, very positive.

Dispatch 5: We are doing well and the team has arrived safely in Namche Bazaar.  Here we'll have a couple of days of rest, exploration and acclimatization.  Being a part of this expedition is a blessing in so many ways. The smiles as everyone sees and experiences this amazing place lets me know that no one regardless of their disability should be held back from achieving their dreams. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 6: From Namche Bazaar, team leader Gary Guller sends back reports of snowfall: At 11,283 feet, we're resting and acclimatizing in Namche for two days before continuing on toward Base Camp. Now is the time to wash clothes (by hand, of course) and raid the local bakeries. The Sherpa capital offers the rare opportunity to indulge in western delights while on the trail, and even has a bar with a pool table. This is the last sign of "civilization" - nothing like this further up!! Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 7: We are saddened that team member Mark Gobble has made the decision to return to Austin. He has been a valuable member of the team and we'll miss him greatly. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 8: Greetings from Namche! It is with sore legs and high spirits that the Team Everest '03 crew greets you from the Sherpa capital!  We have spent the last few days acclimatizing here after making the long hike up the infamous Namche hill two days ago.  All team members are well and reflecting upon our wonderful last week together.  We started a week ago as individuals - a climber, a journalist, a physician, a teacher, a veteran, a store manager.... - and have evolved into a team and friends! Check here for the full dispatch.

Update: Pushing themselves to succeed: Disabled group inspires awe muscling way through Himalayas Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 9: Namche Bazaar was great fun and good acclimatization, and we were ready for the expedition to continue on. On the early morning of our departure from Namche, the Indian-Nepali joint Everest expedition team paid a visit to introduce themselves. We made the short ascent out of Namche together as an enormous team - the Indians, the Nepali and Team Everest '03! Check here for the full dispatch.

Update: Taking obstacles in stride: Nearly halfway through journey, disabled climbers relish routine. Check here for the full dispatch.

Update: Greetings Friends and Supporters! As the team gets closer to Everest  base camp, we're busy here in Austin working with the Texas Legislature to ensure community services for people with disabilities. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 10: We arrive yesterday into Tuglha (15,000ft), passing through some amazing villages and mountain scenery. Visiting one of these villages, Pangboche, was an uplifting experience for all team members. It was one of the most incredible and fascinating mornings of the entire expedition so far. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 11: We are off to Everest Base Camp tomorrow morning to make history. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 12: Greetings and Namaste from Gorak Shep at 17,000 feet. Just 3 hours away from the base camp of the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest, we've been hit by a snow storm and have had to delay our trek to base camp (hopefully for only a day). I will write to you when we arrive. We look forward to sharing with you the laughter, joy and tears as we reach our goal. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 13: Trekkers Shatter All Doubts, Reach Mt. Everest Base Camp Austin mountaineer Gary Guller successfully leads largest-ever group of climbers with disabilities on historic expedition Check here for the full dispatch.

Update: Trekkers come out on top: Disabled climbers triumphant in journey to Everest base camp... Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 14: Everest Base Camp at over 17,500 feet is surrounded by the great ice cliffs of Mt. Pumori, Nuptse and the infamous Khumbu Ice Fall... Check here for the full dispatch.

Update: Trekkers prepare for another push Ice climbing practice, memorial mark their final day at base camp... Check here for the full dispatch.

Update: Everest climbers head home: 30-day trek becomes a voyage of self-discovery and Namaste from Gary Guller in Kathmandu, Nepal (4,264ft)! Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch One Summit team: April 15, Kathmandu - One of the greatest parts of any expedition in Nepal is the final evening's celebration with our field staff and Sherpa.  After our successful journey to Mt. Everest Base Camp, everyone was in fantastic spirits. However, as we descended into the thicker air from Base Camp across the glacier moraine to Gorak Shep, then down to Tuglar and into the yak settlement village of Pheriche, everybody's spirits (and health!) improved dramatically. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Two Summit team: Everest Base Camp After two long, difficult days we finally made it! When the tin can, uh, I mean helicopter dropped us in Tengboche from Lukla, we did a half day hike to Pengboche, the trekked a long day from Pengboche to Lobuche, followed by another tough day from Lobuche to Base Camp. All in all, we increased approximately 13,000ft in altitude in 2 1/2 days!  Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Three Summit team: Base Camp weather showed its true colors yesterday! Our plans to enter the Khumbu Ice Fall were halted by a snowstorm with fierce winds that sprung up yesterday morning. We awoke at 4am to make our climb preparations, but by 4:15am, the clouds had rolled in and it was difficult to see even the close peaks. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Four Summit team: As an update to yesterday's dispatch, the team set off through the Icefall early yesterday morning as planned. About 3/4 of the way through the Ice fall, they received word that the last bridge-ladder before Camp 1 had collapsed. As a result, they had to turn back and return to BC.  Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Five Summit team: All of the expeditions on Everest's south side are planning a team-leader meeting on the 26th to discuss fixing ropes on the South Col and above and other safety issues, so the TE03 climbers hope to be back down to attend. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Six Summit team: Hello from Camp Two! We survived the man-eating crevasses and swaying ladder bridges through the Khumbu Ice Fall and arrived to Camp 1 without a hitch despite the snow and wind. After a night of acclimatization, we forged on to Camp Two. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Seven Summit team: Greetings from Gary Guller back at Base Camp! I cannot tell you how nice it is to be breathing some thicker air and enjoying the few comforts we have at Base Camp: a better selection of food and drinks and, of course, the company of the TE '03 staff. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Eight Summit team: We have spent the last two days hydrating and resting, cleaning and organizing our loads and, of course, praying for safe passage when we begin our climb for the summit - or as my good friend Mike Trueman says, "if Sagarmatha allows us to safely climb her." Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Nine Summit team: Christine Kane reporting on behalf of Team Everest '03! After a few days of consistent snowfall, we are now experiencing early morning high winds. Our climbing Sherpa decided to stay at BC, a wise choice since it looks like we may have a couple more days of mixed precipitation and high winds. Our camp is blanketed with snow, the prayer flags are blowing wildly and Mt. Pumori has a dangerous looking cloud clinging to its peak. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Ten Summit team: MOUNT EVEREST BASE CAMP, Nepal It's midnight, and Gary Guller is still up in his expedition tent, bundled into a sleeping bag and yelling into a satellite phone. The roar of an avalanche splits the icy darkness, answered by a tinny din from the phone. Forty-five fifth-graders back in Texas are screaming in delight that a real mountaineer would share such an adventure with them from the top of the world. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 11 Summit team: Over the last couple of days, our plans to advance to higher camps have been thwarted by the strong, high winds that have been blasting the mountain. We decided to relax and refresh rather than fight Mother Nature on this one. Our plan of attack is now to depart to camp One as soon as possible and head on up to the higher camps 2, 3 and 4 over the next five days or so.  Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 12 Summit team: Our climbing Sherpa and Expedition Leader, Gary Guller arose at 4:00 this morning determined to make the ascent to higher camps. Having been forced to stay down due to strong winds (50 mph and higher), the team was getting restless here at Base Camp wondering how the high camps were faring in this harsh wind storm. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 13 Summit team: poised for a summit push on the morning of May 13th! Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 14 Summit team: We wanted to let you know that the summit team has returned to Base Camp. Bad weather is moving in and the team felt it best to come down. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 15 Summit team: Greetings to all of our wonderful team members around the world who keep us motivated as we try to take disability awareness to the top of the world! Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 16 Summit team: We're here at Base Camp waiting for the jet stream to move away from Everest to give us the few days we need to climb this puppy and come home. We are doing our best to keep our positive spirits alive and our health in good condition while we await a window of good weather for our summit attempt. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 17 Summit team: God Bless America and God Bless Texas. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 18 Summit team: After climbing from Base Camp to Camp Two yesterday, we took a rest day today and will ascend up the Lhotse Face to Camp Three tomorrow (5/19). Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 19 Summit team: Due to the overwhelmingly large number of climbers attempting the summit tonight, Gary Guller has made the wise decision to hold off their summit attempt until tomorrow night.  Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 20: First of all, a huge thanks to all of you who continue to support us through these terribly difficult days. Just got off the walkie-talkie with Gary Guller. The team is still at Camp Four - they have decided to spend two nights at 26,000ft in order to increase their chances of a successful summit. Check here for the full dispatch.

Gary Guller with one arm has reached the top of the WORLD!

Austin climber first with one arm to scale Everest

Hello from Base Camp! Almost 24 hours later, I am ecstatic to write to report our TEAM EVEREST '03 SUMMIT SUCCESS! At 12:15pm Nepal time, Gary Guller, Nima Dawa, Namgya, Da Nima and Pem Tenji stood at the top of Mount Everest and the world to proclaim the amazing message of Team Everest '03! It was a long and difficult road, both mentally and physically, but they did it! Check here for the full dispatch.

It is with great sadness that we report the loss of Karma Gylzen Sherpa, age 28, one of the talented and dedicated Climbing Sherpas on our team and our wonderful and good friend. Karma became ill, suffering abdominal pain at Camp Four, and appeared to be improving after descending to Camp Two. Despite the vigorous efforts of many brave people, Karma died on 24 May at 7:30pm near Camp One before reaching Base Camp. Check here for the full dispatch.

Namaste from Austin, I spoke with Gary Guller this morning, who called to let us know that he and the team arrived back in Kathmandu early this morning US time. They were very tired but doing well, and looking forward to feasting at the Rum Doodle tonight, Gary particularly since by tradition he gets to eat and drink for free. Check here for the full dispatch.

Everest climber home to tell his tale! Austin man fulfilled dream, became 1st with 1 arm to reach summit


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