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Everest South Side Expedition

Deutsch / Schweizerische Jubiläumsexpedition Everest 2003

 Current Nepal Time

The German/Swiss Anniversary Expedition Everest 2003 (Deutsch / Schweizerische Jubiläumsexpedition Everest 2003) (page down for the latest updates)

The German/Swiss Expedition lead by Eckhard Schmitt. Other members include Thomas Zwahlen, Dr. Peter Becker, Frank Everts, Dr. Eike Mrosek, Alex Eberhöfer, Christian Rossel, and Roland Brand.

Update: June 5, 2003 The team arrived well back in Kathmandu; tomorrow evening they are expected back in Germany.

The ascent to the summit was made on Monday, May 26, in two groups. The first group, consisting of Frank Everts, Roland Brand, and Nawang Thiele Sherpa, had to turn back on the south summit because one of the members got some snowblindness. The second group, consisting of Pemba Chote Sherpa, Tom Zwahlen, Christian Rossel, and Eike Mrosek, reached the main summit at 11:45 a.m. (Pemba Chote Sherpa) and 12:45 (the other three).

We are very happy that the expedition succeeded in reaching the summit. For those who did not reach the summit, it was a hard decision to turn back - but they proved that team spirit is not just empty words for them.

Update 5/29/2003: The following 3 members and 1 Sherpa of "Jublioliums Mt. Everest 2003" team was successful to climb 8848 Meter high Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) on 26 May 2003 at 11.00 AM.

Name of Summiteers

1.     Dr. Eike Herbert Mrosek (30 Yrs), Medical Doctor, Heilbronnerstr., VS-Schwenningen, Germany.

2.     Mr. Thomas Zwahlen, Mattenstr, Switzerland.

3.     Mr. Christian Rossel (36 Yrs), Railways Driver, Neumattstr, Switzerland.

4.     Mr. Pemba Chhoti (22 Yrs), HAS, Gaurisankar, Dolkha, Nepal.

The 12 members "Jubilaeiums Expedition Mt. Everest 2003" team was permitted to climb 8848 Meter high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge for the period of Seventy five days from 6 April 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Eckhard Schmitt (56 Yrs) from Schaftlach, Wiesseer Str., Germany.

Update 5/28/2003: Report from the expedition: As far as I am informed, the following persons from our expedition reached the summit on Monday, May 26, at about 10:30: Eike Mrosek (D), Tom Zwahlen (CH), Christian Rossel (CH), and Pemba Sherpa (Nepal). Roland Brand (D), Frank Everts (D) and Sherpa Nawang (Nepal) turned back on the south summit. All are meanwhile back in camp 2, doing well, and we expect them to reach the base camp on Wednesday. Regards, Hartmut

The Ministry has released one more name from this expedition as a summiter: Mr. Lhakpa Tsheri Sherpa Climbing Sherpa from Chaurikharka-2, Solukhumbu, Nepal has been successful to Climb 8848 Meter high Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) on 26 May 2003 at 05.57 AM. along with the 1 American and 3 Sherpas released earlier.

Mr. Lhakpa Tshering Sherpa is one of the Climbing Sherpas of the 12 members "Jubilaeiums Expedition Mt. Everest 2003" team was permitted to climb 8848 Meter high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge for the period of Seventy five days from 6 April 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Eckhard Schmitt (56 Yrs) from Schaftlach, Germany.

German/Swiss Anniversary Expedition Everest 2003

Update from May 05, 2003: The team left Kathmandu on April 7, 2003, and they reached the base camp on April 15. Since the expedition is also carrying out a medical study on pulmonary hypertension, rest days in Namche Bazar and in the base camp were used for medical tests, e.g. measuring pulmonary artertial pressure at rest and under strenuous exercise. The purpose of the study is the search for medicaments against pulmonary hypertension. In case of success, millions of patients with primary pulmonary hypertension could benefit from the new medicaments. The outcome of the study will come clear after "unblinding" of the

results: The study was carried out in a double-blind, cross-over design.

Now, of course the emphasis is on the mountain climb. The seven climbers are currently installing the high camps and carrying loads, assisted by the Sherpas. On April 26th, they reached camp 3 at about 7300 m for the first time. All members reached at least camp 2 (6400 m) and stayed the night there for acclimatization. Some members also spent a stormy night on camp 3 on May 3rd. The Western Cwm is very hot during daytime, so they often go at night to avoid the heat. At the moment, the team is back in the base camp; the weather forecast predicted several days of strong winds, especially above 7000m. After a couple of rest days, with the weather improving again a first push towards the South Col and / or summit seems possible. It is now important for all mountaineers to stay healthy and focused for the big goal: the summit of Mt. Everest.

Update 5/12/03: German/Swiss expedition

Update from Monday, May 12: The team started the ascent to the high camps for a first summit attempt on Sunday, May 11. Most other teams who started earlier have meanwhile returned to base camp because the weather was still rather stormy. Our team is currently in camp 2, encountering better weather conditions than initially expected. They will decide tomorrow if they will continue the ascent.

The south ridge is not yet equipped with fixed ropes. If our mountaineers decide to continue the ascent, they will have to fix ropes where necessary and do the trail breaking work. From the alpinistic point of view a great thing, but also quite a challenge.

Update 5/15/2003: Update German/Swiss Expedition Everest South Side, from May 15, 2003:

On Sunday, May 11, the team ascended to camp 2 for a first summit attempt. But the wind situation in the summit region did not allow to continue the ascent, and furthermore, the weather forecast predicted even stronger winds for South Col and summit during the next days. Therefore the team had no other choice than returning to base camp.

Tomorrow, Friday, May 16, Tom Zwahlen, Christian Rossel, Alex Eberhöfer, Eike Mrosek, and Roland Brand will start to camp 2. Eckhard Schmitt and Frank Everts will follow one day later.

Of course, our expedition will not be alone there - also on Friday, the French, Japanese, and the British team will begin the ascent; almost all other teams will follow on Saturday or Sunday.

Most expeditions are planning the summit day between May 19 and 21. The weather forecast announced good summit weather the beginning of next week. The team is in good condition and has a perfect motivation to reach the summit.

Update 5/18/2003: Complete team now in camp 2: Alex, Frank, and Eckhard ascended today in beautiful moonlight. Camp 2 (Tom, Christian, Eike, Roland) is doing well, except that the cough drops are running out. From talking so much and from the cold air, many of the guys have a sore throats and hoarse. But for the interviews after the summit, the voices should still be sufficient.

We all have a good feeling for the summit. Tomorrow the complete team will go to camp 3. The original plan to go in two groups was changed, because now the weather window must be used and there is not much time left. They will be a little crowded together in camp 4 where not as many tents as in camp 2 are available. But then it will be warmer in the tent, and they will have to carry less.

We hope the team has a good sleep once more, before tomorrow they will start to the real high altitude.

The weather forecast still predicts good conditions for next week with winds of about 50 km/h and temperature between -23 and -26°C in the summit region.

Update 5/25/2003: At camp4 and expected to attempt the summit tonight

Update 5/26/2003: The following 1 member and 4 Sherpas of "Jublioliums Mt. Everest 2003" team was successful to climb 8848 Meter high Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest)  on 26 May 2003 at 05.57 AM.

Name of Summiteers

1.     Mr. Paul Giorgio (1964), Real Estate Investor from Stone Street, Auburn, USA

2.     Mr. Da Nuru Sherpa (26 Yrs), HAS from Jubhing-1, Kharikhola, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

3.     Mr. Jangbu Sherpa (38 Yrs), HAS, Jubhing-1, Kharikhola, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

4.     Mr. Mingma Tshiri Sherpa (33 Yrs), HAS, Gaurisankar-1, Rolwaling, Nepal.

The 12 members "Jubilaeiums Expedition Mt. Everest 2003" team was permitted to climb 8848 Meter high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge for the period of Seventy five days from 6 April 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Eckhard Schmitt (56 Yrs) from Schaftlach, Germany.

Note Paul was apparently operating a separate team under the same permit on Everest, but we are reporting them here as they were on this permit.


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