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Adventures International Everest 2002 Expedition


Everest 2002 Expedition Report April 30th, 2002

Everest Base Camp: A long windy night here at Base Camp. A sad lull has descended over the mountain as news drifts in over the radios concerning a fatal accident on the Lhotse face just this morning. We'll keep everyone updated as more definite news is available. We would like everyone to know that our group, Adventures International, and Willie Benegas part of the Alpine 8000 group is fine. We are all safe at base camp. We would also like to express our sorry and condolences to all the friends and family of the lost climber.

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We have been staying at base over the last few days as bad weather keeps slamming the mountain and forecasts for more storm and winds keep coming in. We feel its best not to push hard in conditions that have been hitting the mountain over the last week. We are keeping everyone at base camp, including most of the sherpas, until conditions improve. We have had a couple good days to move over the last week, but very few to reach camp 3 which is our next objective. So we plan to sit tight until the mountain decides its time. 

Just yesterday there has been at least 3 big collapses in the icefall so just getting up to Camp 1 and 2 has been difficult. Lots of changes every day. Several people got through coming down yesterday in bad weather, deep snow and past the broken sections. It will be later today at least when the route is repaired by the "Icefall Doctors" so traffic can start back up to and from Camp 2. No one has been up or down as of 10am this morning. Winds are still blowing quite hard. Nice to have the sun at least. See what the weather brings tomorrow.

Everyone is ready to go up as soon as the weather breaks and the route is open. Still have a forecast for continuing bad weather tomorrow so we'll wait and see what happens.

Scott Woolums
Adventures International Inc.